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3D Colorables, the ​DIY Inflatable Paper Toys You Can Color

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These inflatable coloring toys take coloring to the next level and combine it with the opportunity for kids to use their creations for decoration, pretend play, and more. From dragons, swords, spaceships and race cars to dolls, butterflies and masks, there's something for everyone.

A Simple Art Project for Kids That They Can Play With

The awesome part of 3D Colorables is that they can be colored using a variety of art supplies. Use colored pencils, gel pens, crayons, markers or all of them combined! Once your coloring is complete, you use the enclosed straw to inflate the colorable. Colorables can also be reused. You simply deflate them with the straw and put them away for easy storage.

Here Are Some OOLY Art Supply Favorites to Use With 3D Colorables:

Brush and Line Double-Ended Markers: If you want vibrant colors that pop off the page you have to try these wonderful markers.

The best part is that there is a huge range of colors and two different tips. One tip for small, fine details and the other tip for coloring large areas. The brush side can also be used for hand lettering--yay for multi-purpose art supplies!

The Fantastic Dragon 3D Colorable colored using the Brush and Line Markers, is a huge favorite. The dragon is larger than you'd expect, and the kids won't be able to wait to build some block cities to burn them up and crash them down with this Colorable!

Rainbow Doodlers Watercolor Pencils: Another great option for coloring in 3D Colorables is this fun set of watercolor pencils.

These pencils leave a very saturated color pigment on paper, and once you’re done coloring you can use the included brush with water to create a softer watercolor effect.

We only did this on a small part of the Breezy Butterfly Mask 3D Colorable, and would advise against adding too much water to a 3D Colorable.

Color Appeel Crayons: If you want a great kid-friendly art supply that kids will always reach for, look no further than the these wonderful crayons. They aren't your everyday crayon. Not only are they beautiful on the outside; wrapped in colorful designs, but they are brighter and color smoother than most other crayons. Just look at the colors on the World Peace Dolls 3D Colorables colored using the Color Appeel Crayons. It's hard to tell we even used a crayon.

Stock up on 3D Colorables now because they are the perfect coloring toy to have on hand to help keep the kiddos busy and entertained when you need it most. You can also package your favorite 3D Colorable with one of OOLY’s coloring supplies, and now you have the perfect go to gift for birthday parties.

Happy Coloring!

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