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Cut and Color Your Own Unicorns

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Hello Everyone! My name is Ashley (also known as Lady Lucas) and I'm an artist and craft blogger that specializes in all things cute. Two of my specialties are cute characters and coloring books, so I thought today's post would be the perfect way to introduce myself.

My Austrian niece Hannah inspired today's post, as she totally called the unicorn craze many months before it hit the USA. Her zeal and love for unicorns is mirrored by the children I teach so I know their popularity is not going away any time soon! Without further ado, you can download your very own C.Y.O.U coloring page right here.

After printing your unicorn coloring sheet, I'd suggest the following materials to color in all the details:

OOLY Brush & Line Markers

OOLY The Triangle Colored Pencils

OOLY brush and line markers are perfect because they offer versatility with both a brush tip and thin tip option.

I also loved using the triangle shaped colored pencils because they are so easy to use. Their upright container allows you to see all your color choices at one time. That is a huge plus for avid coloring fanatics like me!

The best part about these unicorns, is that they are meant to be enjoyed and played with! Simply cut around Hannah and Ziggy Unicorn and bend the tab at the bottom of each so that they stand up. **Tip: Printing this coloring page on sturdy matte paper is ideal for this step, but regular office paper will also work in a pinch!**

Don't forget to cut out the rainbow and clouds for a sweet backdrop for your unicorns.

If you enjoyed this post, I'd love to invite you to follow Lady Lucas and OOLY on Instagram for daily creative fun and inspiration!

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