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Best Graduation Gifts for All Ages

Best Graduation Gifts for All Ages
Grad season is here and it’s time to show how proud you are of all the graduates in your life! From jotting down memories to organizing their creative space to inspiring them for the next stage, OOLY has something for every grad out there.

Kindergarten Gift Ideas:

Kindergarten is a year of learning so much to prepare them for their school career in the years to come. Commemorate steps in their lives with some of our top picks below. Switch-Eroo Markers - Each of the Switch-Eroo! Color Changing Markers hides a delightful surprise - a mystery color that is only revealed when you flip your marker to switch the color. Cat Parade Gel Crayons - Not only are these gel crayons perfect for any cat lover, add water to them with a paintbrush to create a watercolor effect! Chunkies Paint Sticks - Our Chunkies are a best seller for a reason! Great for any age but definitely for littles, you can create colorful paintings without any mess. Enclosed in a plastic barrel, just twist up the paint stick and start painting! Stampables Markers - The Stampables stamp marker set comes with 18 uniquely scented markers with one-pointed brush tip for coloring and the other end is a stamp with a fun and friendly design for… stamping of course! Smooth Stix - Now that they have graduated, they are going to need some busy activities to keep their creative juices flowing. With 24 brilliant colors, these come in a handy carrying case for travel and endless fun plus they are water-soluble, making them so easy to clean up if needed!

Elementary Gift Ideas:

We’re here to help celebrate this milestone accomplishment! Yummy Yummy Glitter Gel Pens - One of OOLY’s signature products, these glitter gel pens sparkle as well as smell delicious with scents of lime, banana, orange, cherry, strawberry, grape, green apple, blackberry, blueberry, watermelon, coconut, or pineapple. Lil’ Watercolor Paint Pods - While OOLY prides itself on some amazingly creative and fun products, the Lil’ Watercolor Paint Pods are an essential set of 36 bright colors that all kiddos need. Color Lustre Metallic Brush Markers - Why settle for simple markers when you can add some metallic pizzazz to any project with this set of 10 bright shimmering colors. The brush tips allow a wide range of creative applications! Mini Dots Pixie Paste Glitter Glue - Glitter and glam, shimmer and shine. What’s more, the set also includes a brush for easy application. Pastel Liners - Level up the highlighter game as your elementary school grads head to middle school. Pastel Liners are a set of 8 pastel markers with dual tips on each marker. One side is a 5mm chisel tip so you can use it as a pastel highlighter pen. The other end is a 3mm fine tip marker that you can use to sketch, color, draw and write in beautiful pastel colors.

Middle School Graduation:

Next step….HIGH SCHOOL! We can guarantee that tweens moving up to high school will appreciate a little love as they enter the next stage of schooling. Chroma Blends Pearlescent -With this watercolor paint set of 12 blendable pearlescent colors, kids can continue to express themselves by blending these metallic sheen colors for an infinite amount of new colors. All you need is a splash of water, some Chroma Blends Watercolor Paper, and your imagination! Black DIY Cover Sketchbook - Grads can customize this sketchbook by putting their own art right on the cover. It comes with a built in elastic strap to protect your stuff too. Add our Chroma Blends Neon paint to really show off your creative style. Available in two sizes: large and small. Radiant Writers Gel Pens - Any pen is a timeless gift but these gel pens come in eight radiant colors that will bring glittery life and happiness to anything you write or draw. Jot-It! Notebooks - The Jot-It Notebooks are a great gift, each one with inspiring words or wonderfully illustrated designs where grads can journal all interests, fears, memories and goals as they move on up. Add to any OOLY marker, pen or pencil set to complete your gift.

High School Graduation Gift Ideas:

There is a long list of essentials every high school grad will need as they move out of their home and into their new college dorm room digs. These are just a few necessities for the high school grad that will outfit their new college-studying desk. Modern Script Fountain Pens - Writing in fine style has never been easier. Designed with penmanship in mind, the 3 black ink fountain pens come in metallic Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. Perfect for documenting all the new adventures! Watercolor Brush Markers - Just add water! High school grads who dabble in watercolor or any art form can draw whatever their heart desires with this 18-piece set. Add water to create a watercolor effect. Color Write Fountain Pens - With the fountain pen set available in rainbow colors from OOLY, the Color Write Fountain Pens will liven up any planner, journal or handmade cards. The set includes 8 colors. Refills available. Color Luxe Gel Pens - Use these to make important points stand out in your notebook, or take your doodles to a new level. Perfect for those handmade thank you cards for all the grad gifts your high schooler will need to write after graduation. Seeing Double Markers - These OOLY markers are twice the fun, literally! The Seeing Double Fine Double Tip Markers are a set of unique double-sided markers featuring 2 coordinating colors on each side.

College Graduation Gift Ideas:

Besides the gift of cash, you might be wondering what to get the new college grad. Celebrate their next chapter of life with these amazing products. White DIY Cover Sketchbook - Large - The simple gift that every college grad did not know they need! This White DIY Cover Sketchbook is easy-to-manage and great for holding amazing creations. Available in two sizes; Large and Small. Fab Fountain Pens - Outfit their new post-college career desk with our Fab Fountain Pens. Whether it is meeting notes or their grocery list and to-do list, grads can write fabulously with our fine tip fountain pens. Calligraphy Duo - Welcome to the world of calligraphy writing with this all-in-one colorful calligraphy set. The calligraphy markers are dual tipped with one side a 2.0mm chisel tip marker for more traditional calligraphy writing. The other side of the marker is a 3.0mm felt brush tip so you can create stunning brush lettering. Do-Overs - Every grad can use these do-overs - whether heading on to their career or adding another degree. This set of six bold neon colors allows you to highlight important information for quick reference later, and the erasable ink lets you make mistakes without worry! Ink Works - Finally a single set of every marker you need. The Ink Works Markers is a fully complete set featuring 5 black ink markers each with a different type of tip. Create masterful calligraphy, beautifully artistic brush strokes and even highly detailed sketches and fine writing all with just one set of black ink makers. With help from your friends here at OOLY, your grad is sure to be inspired for whatever comes next! These are wonderful stand-alone gifts or a great addition as a gift topper. There are so many possibilities with OOLY. See more graduation gift ideas for all ages here.

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