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Gem Art Tips For Your Razzle Dazzle Kit

Fox, llama, unicorn, and lion gem art in white frames
Start creating dazzling works of art with OOLY’s DIY gem kits. Take a look at these easy-to-follow gem art tips that will help you start creating right away.

Make the Workspace Ready

A good first gem art tip is to start with a clean work space which is always a good idea when starting a new project. Before laying out your kit supplies you may want to cover your workspace with paper or a plastic cloth; although the gem kit is not a messy kit! Pro Tip: If you think the project will not be completed in one sitting; either use a space won’t be disturbed or do the project on a tray, cardboard or something that can be moved without affecting the supplies. Gem art kit supplies with rainbow unicorn

Lay Out The Supplies

Getting your supplies laid out and ready to use will make the gem kit more fun to use. Unpack The DIY Gem Art Kit Supplies:
  • Numbered Artwork
  • Gem Tray (for holding the gems as you are working)
  • Gem Stylus (tool for picking up the gems)
  • Gel Square (helps the stylus to pick up gems)
  • 24 packets of colored gems (all bagged & coded for precise placement)
  • White Wood Frame
Hand pulling away plastic from unicorn gem art

Gem Art Tips to Create Dazzling Artwork

Let's go! Now that the workspace is ready begin by peeling the film from a small part of the guided (sticky) artwork. Only peel the film from the part you are working on to protect the rest of the artwork. Pro Tip: If needed use a small piece of tape to keep the film in place until time to remove. Following the codes on the artwork, select the coordinating gem pack and place them in the gem tray. Use the stylus with a dab of the gel to pick up the numbered gems and stick them into the matching coded spot. Close up of gem stylus for gem art kit Taking the stylus, press the tip into the gel square to fill. This gel will help stylus pick up and control placement of the gem on the artwork. Gem tray, stylus and numbered artwork All the colorful bagged gems are numbered like a puzzle so you know exactly where they go. Working through each section of your artwork, pick up a gem with the stylus and match it to the letter or number on the artwork. Press firmly with the stylus to adhere the gem to the sticky surface. Gem Art Tip: Don’t mix the gems in the tray! Placing gems on unicorn gem art Continue to peel back the film in sections to protect the sticky surface, as you work through applying all gem colors and sizes to the artwork. Fox, llama, unicorn, and lion gem art in white frames Fox gem art and kit on white table When your artwork is all gemmed up, place it into the wooden frame which has a built-in easel for display or hooks for hanging! Display your Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem Art Kit anywhere that needs a bit of sparkle! Collect all 4 styles to create a dazzling gallery of art. A complete DIY art kit for kids that promotes crafting and creative learning.

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