Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

art supplies

Art Supplies for Back to School

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Splendid Fountain Pen Ink Refills

back to school

Shop OOLY Back to School Supplies

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Sakox Lollypop Scented Pens

ballpoint ink pens

Ballpoint ink pens aren’t boring anymore!

OOLY’s ballpoint ink pens come in a variety of colors and sizes for anyone. Never again will you need to use boring colors, even if you have to do boring things. Explore the possibilities.

From fun pens shaped like whales to lollipop pens with pom poms on top, there’s a ballpoint pen for every person, every favorite color, and every use. Without a doubt there is a style for everyone! Sign a professional signature with ease or doodle in a sketchbook for fun in your free time!

Ink pens carry out many of the necessities of life, but they can also be expressive, fun, and even scented. That’s right. Get your sniffer ready! Enjoy each design you choose or gift it to someone else and make them smile from ear to ear with delight! Turn practical into pretty!

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Splendid Fountain Pen Ink Refills


Back to School Supplies for College

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Splendid Fountain Pen Ink Refills

color + draw

Bring imagination with drawing & coloring supplies

Art allows you the ability to express yourself in meaningful ways. Starting with colorful tools encourages self confidence and the freedom to create. It empowers you to do anything you set your mind to. OOLY’s variety of drawing supplies opens the door to the creative world so anyone can unleash their creative side.

With coloring supplies, anyone can find the fun in learning by bringing their drawings to life with vibrant color. Teachers use art in their creative learning curriculum. Parents and kids can enjoy coloring or explore nature through art. An artist can express themselves by creating textures and blends from their imagination. Reveal your inner child or excite your classroom with colorful drawing and coloring supplies.

Children aren’t the only ones who love coloring. Coloring books featuring intricate designs and inspiring quotes appeal to artists who enjoy a unique coloring experience or adults who love to relax in a fun way.

Whether you use them as learning tools, for daily affirmation, or as a way to relax, coloring supplies will enrich your life in meaningful and unconventional ways. What will you create?

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Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons


Crayons: always OOLY, a new twist on an old classic.

Crayons are an age-old tool that everyone has used for school art projects or coloring books at home. OOLY has a new take on an old standby. We replaced the cheap crayons with unique, fun, quality tools you can use for just about anything.

Un-Mistake-Ables are erasable so you can create that winning design anytime. Oil Pastel Twisty Stix keep hands clean with a plastic casing so you or your little one can enjoy creating without the mess. Scented gel crayons keep your pictures bold and fruity. OOLY also has Left Right crayons with an ergonomic design for all, and Heart to Heart Stacking Crayons for fun-filled coloring.


For every child and every adult, OOLY crayons are the perfect way to unwrap the fun of traditional coloring in a new and exciting way.

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Sweet Things ClickIt Erasers


Erasers. No one is perfect so why not have fun?

Sometimes you just have to let loose and be real. At least when you make a mistake on paper, you can erase it! Team up with our selection of erasers to tackle your editing needs!

OOLY erasers are a fun way to bring corrections to your artwork or schoolwork. With scented erasers and ice cream-inspired designs, writing with that pencil you wore the eraser off of long ago can be possible again! You can even use a make your own erasers kit, the Creatibles, to create your own designs and show off your creativity. Delve into the world of possibility with this variety of erasers to express your interests or arrive at school in style.

Mix and match erasers to your mood. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teacher, student, parent, child, artist, or anything in between. Erasers give you the freedom to be yourself.

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Splendid Fountain Pen Ink Refills

fountain pens

Fountain pens for a fountain of creativity.

Fountain pens provide a smooth writing experience and are easy to use for extended periods of time. These refillable, fancy fountain pens come in a variety of colors including red, green, blue, purple, pink, and black. We include three ink cartridges with each pen, but you can always buy more refills separately, for all of that creative writing you want to do.

These colored fountain pens are a tool to help make anyone feel fancy, so they are perfect if you want to take the boring out of other ordinary pens. Add flair to all of your notes with deluxe pens in a fountain of colors.

When your writing needs to be fresh, but professional, rely on these fountain pens to get the job done. They won’t scratch or drag on the paper, making your writing look flawless and splendid.

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Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

gel pens

Smooth writing gel pens are made for all your writing and doodling needs.

Have we mentioned that gel pens are spectacular? Well, they are. Reminisce about all of those fun notes you used to pass off to your BFF in the halls, written in, you guessed it, your favorite gel pen color. Gel pens are also a refreshing choice for writing reminders because their flow is different from other pens and pencils.

Unleash your creativity with OOLY Pens by recreating your gel pen collection. Create eye-popping writing, decorate your planner or journal, and use these colored pens to add an extra spark to your drawings. OOLY gel pens are the perfect instrument for your imagination and artistic writing needs.

They give you super fine-tipped detail while still creating a vibrant and colorful palette on which to fix your eyes. Pencils have their time and place, but colored or scented gel pens bring your writing to life. There is a fantastic gel pen available for everyone!

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Sakox Lollypop Scented Pens

grades K-8

Back to School Supplies for Grades K - 8

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Splendid Fountain Pen Ink Refills

high school

Back to School Supplies for High School

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Mini Monster Scented Highlighters. 6 in a set with fruity scents


For all of the highlights of your life.

From mini highlighters to jumbo highlighters, and from neon highlighters to scented highlighters, we’ve got you covered. Highlighters are essential for organizing many tasks and thoughts. The problem is they typically come in only a few colors, and their standard design can be somewhat boring.

Not anymore! Enter OOLY highlighters. You can highlight passages in your textbooks to find them easily later. Color code your planner or calendar and add some delight to your day!

Do-overs erasable highlighters allow you to live without fear of making a mistake. And did we mention our fine-tipped highlighters, making it easy for you to not only highlight a passage but also write notes you can actually read? Scented highlighters delight your senses as you’re studying and stimulate your brain to participate. Anything you choose is the right decision, because the colors, designs, and scents are all playful and fun.

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Mini Monster Scented Highlighters. 6 in a set with fruity scents


Experience markers with sizes and colors for everyone!

From colored calligraphy to neon retractables, there’s a marker for everyone. Jumbo chunky markers are great for little fingers. Erasable highlighters allow you to make mistakes because we all know that no one is perfect.

Stimulate the senses by designing aromatic art or writing a note to your BFF with scented markers. Fine tips help you master intricate details while chalk markers help maintain a dust-free but colorful work of art.

Whatever your wish, you can find it in this colorful selection. If your heart isn’t made of cupcakes and rainbows, don’t fret. Double ended markers add dimension to your images with a chiseled tip or brush tip. You can always keep it simple with basic black ink. There’s something here for every project.  

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Teal Mighty Pencil Sharpener with clear colored casing

pencils + sharpeners

Pencils and sharpeners go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Nothing says fun like these cute pencils from OOLY. And, what would a pencil be without a sharpener? Dull, lifeless, and, frankly, not much fun. OOLY sharpeners make the perfect writing buddy. They’re unique and whimsical.

Woodland Writing Pals are forest friends just waiting to be put to use. They look after you and your pencils as you write. They’re here for you, to keep you sharp and and take care of your mistakes because they are an eraser too!

Both the Birds Eye View and the Monkey Business sharpeners will hold your pencil for you while you take a break, keeping it safe and secure. Your pencil is in good hands with these guys. For purists, the Mighty Pencil Sharpener is basic but mighty. It will do your dirty work and catch your shavings. It will also sharpen three different pencil sizes, so you’ll never be left high and dry.

You can’t have a pencil without an equally amazing sharpener to go with it.

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The Paper Works Sketchbook


A sketchbook is every artist’s most worthy companion

Sketchbooks are the blueprint of your artsy ideas. They allow you to brainstorm on paper and provide an outlet for your fountain of ideas. OOLY sketchbooks come in a variety of sizes, cool colors, and designs, just waiting for you to unleash your creativity.

A small sketchbook is perfect for traveling on the road, and an art sketchbook is great for doodles. Everyone enjoys the whimsical covers and fun designs. Make use of a drawing sketchbook to map out your next big idea or impress your friends. Sketchbooks don’t have to be just for art either. Use the graph paper in the Paper Works Sketchbook for geometry, or the blank pages for practicing calligraphy.

The possibilities are endless, and sketchbooks provide an unlimited opportunity for artists at heart who don’t like the restrictions imposed by traditional notebook paper.

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8 Urban Cities Pocket Pal Journals

stationery + journals

OOLY stationery kits and journals make for happy writing!

Whether you’re writing a short story, taking notes in class, or keeping a journal of your most influential life events, a journal or stationery kit is what you need.

Stationery and journals are great for all kinds of things. Sending a letter to your friend using personalized paper adds an expressive touch. A journal for each subject helps you keep your notes straight. If you like to chronicle your thoughts or get things off your chest, journals are excellent companions. Keeping a diary is a smart way to end your day with a recap of everything that happened and reflect on what’s most important.

OOLY stationery and journals help accomplish all of these goals and more. From Pocket Pal journals with colorful styles to flipside notebooks pulling double duty, you’ll find what you need in our eye-catching selection.

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Sakox Lollypop Scented Pens


OOLY writing supplies are for teachers, artists, parents, & kids.

Take charge of your day and give yourself the power to write with emotion. With writing tools like pencils, pens, & markers, you have everything you need to succeed.

Writing supplies are accessible to everyone, and should be. Maybe start with the basics, then color your world with this vast array of writing supplies. Bring life to your sticky notes and lists. Vicarious, uninhibited highlighting helps you stay organized. Color-coordinated chore charts keep everyone on track. Maybe. :)

You live an exciting life. Let your writing reflect the expressive rainbow you feel inside. Bring joy to those around you with friendly notes. Let loose. Let your paper experience life with you. Better yet, let it be a part of everything you do with OOLY writing supplies as outgoing as you are.

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