Colored paper unicorn from the 3D Colorables Magical Unicorn set

3d colorables

Fun On The Go With Inflatable Coloring Toys

Want a new spin on the traditional way to color? Take intricate coloring pages to the next level with 3D Colorables. Use your favorite pens, pencils, crayons, markers, even highlighters to fill in all the beautiful detail of these 3D Colorables creations. Then use the included straw to blow them up and play whatever make believe comes to mind with these fun props.

Go on an adventure with 3D masks, pirate swords or a tiara. Or get fancy with beautiful birds, magical unicorns and breezy butterflies. Go on an automotive adventure with radical racecars, rescue vehicles or a flying adventure with frequent flyers. You can even rocket into space with colorable space age rockets.

There’s no limit to the color combinations and imaginative play these 3D inflatable Colorables are just waiting for you or your loved one to explore. Just pick your favorite colorable and let your imagination do the rest.

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4 Clickit Erasers with Sweet Things Design


Outfit Your Creativity Kit with School, Drawing & Art Accessories

Whether you’re writing, sketching, doodling, or creating, make sure you’re doing it with these cool accessories. Scented erasers in silly shapes popsicle or dainty donut will help you wipe out those mistakes in seconds. Keep the crazy creativity flowing with Modern Marble or Dots & Dashes Write-In-Style graphite pencils.

On-The-Go Zipper Pencil Pouches are perfect for keeping all your accessories organized so you won’t be looking around for the writing or drawing tool when you need them. On-the-Go Stationery Kits are popping with colorful characters and give you all you need in one petite package.

Going 3D with your next creative project? Super cute Hunny Bunny, Chubb Cub, Rare Bear, and Smitten Kitten measuring tape will help you get your next big project under way in a jiffy. Once you’ve made a masterpiece, top it off with a crazy cute sticker popping with personality.

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Sweet Hearts Pixie Paste brush-on glitter glue

art + diy

Unlock Your Creativity with Art & DIY Supplies

In the world of DIY the possibilities for self expression are endless. All you need are the perfect creative tools to make your next project a success. Whether you’re decorating a piece of furniture with floral detail or creating a DIY birthday party decoration bonanza, check out these OOLY supplies for inspiration.

Switch-Eroo Color Changing markers will keep you guessing at what color will appear on your creation next. Each marker has one side with a regular color tip and another side with a white color-changing tip. Make your masterpiece with the regular color tips, then color over in any way you like with the white tip and see what happens!

If you’re looking to have your next project really stand out with bright neons in rich hues, try Neon Chalkables liquid chalk markers on for size. And if you’re tired of traditional white paper, a paper works sketchbook has white, black, graph and kraft paper to choose from when planning your next project.

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Set of 12 Chroma Blends Pearlescent watercolor paints and paintbrush

art supplies

Imagine, Create and Color With School Art Supplies

Bringing your imagination to life through art is amplified by the tools with which you choose to create. OOLY has come up with every possible option for bringing color to life in the most creative of ways.

Whether you’re looking for modern metallics, going for a huge color splash, or like the dustless look of chalk crayons and markers, OOLY has an art supply for you. Deepen your perspective with less messy oil pastels. Get glamorous with glitter and neon lil’ Poster Paint Pods to deck out your best poster, whether it be to sell lemonade, display a school project or advertise a local event.

Color and texture options are nearly limitless. Choose from cute and creative gel pens, puffy paint pens, watercolor pencils, Chunkies Paint Sticks, or Seriously Fine Tip markers. Create on more than paper with Oodles of Doodles multi-surface markers and Perfectly Permanent double ended markers.

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Sakox Lollypop Scented Pens

back to school

Shop OOLY Back to School Supplies

When school is in session you can take colorful style with you to class with Fresh Pick super scented neon gel crayon highlighters, Sakox Lollypop scented pens, Bamboo Brights mini scented highlighters or Petite Sweets ice cream shop scented erasers.

Silly Monkey Business or Bird’s Eye view sharpeners will hang on your pencil so you can keep it sharp while settling into school. And 6 click multi color pens covered in colorful designs keep every color you need for organized note taking all in one place.

If one stop shopping is more your thing, self expression writing and art gift sets for boys or girls come packed with creativity inspiring school supplies such as gel pens, fanciful No. 2 pencils, Switch-Eroo color changing markers, mechanical colored pencils, Creatibles DIY eraser kit and white paper sketchbooks.

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Bright Writers colored ballpoint pens with 10 different colors

ballpoint ink pens

Ballpoint ink pens aren’t boring anymore!

OOLY’s ballpoint ink pens come in a variety of colors and sizes for anyone. Never again will you need to use boring colors, even if you have to do boring things. Explore the possibilities.

From fun pens shaped like whales to lollipop pens with pom poms on top, there’s a ballpoint pen for every person, every favorite color, and every use. Without a doubt there is a style for everyone! Sign a professional signature with ease or doodle in a sketchbook for fun in your free time!

Ink pens carry out many of the necessities of life, but they can also be expressive, fun, and even scented. That’s right. Get your sniffer ready! Enjoy each design you choose or gift it to someone else and make them smile from ear to ear with delight! Turn practical into pretty!

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Blue refill for Splendid Fountain Pen


Back to School Supplies for College

While college academics may be serious, your school supplies don’t have to be. OOLY helps you be a college superstar while keeping the lightheartedness of youth intact.

Fab fountain pens let you practice your penmanship skills while dutifully taking notes. Radiant writer gel pens keeps your notes organized with helpful stand out colors. If pencils are more your thing, don’t settle for yellow. Try modern graphite pencils for a more modern look or take a look back in retro style with Write-in Style Dots and Dashes pencils.

Continue the cute with Very Best Mechanical pencils in pretty pinks or cool blues, while correcting mistakes with silly erasers in cactus, ice cream cone, or woodland pal shapes.

Flipside notebooks are a combo of lined and blank paper with free space available to sketch, journal, or just create doodles. Retractable, scented and erasable highlighters makes storing and using highlighters to keep lecture notes organized a cinch.

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Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

color + draw

Bring imagination with drawing & coloring supplies

Art allows you the ability to express yourself in meaningful ways. Starting with colorful tools encourages self confidence and the freedom to create. It empowers you to do anything you set your mind to. OOLY’s variety of drawing supplies opens the door to the creative world so anyone can unleash their creative side.

With coloring supplies, anyone can find the fun in learning by bringing their drawings to life with vibrant color. Teachers use art in their creative learning curriculum. Parents and kids can enjoy coloring or explore nature through art. An artist can express themselves by creating textures and blends from their imagination. Reveal your inner child or excite your classroom with colorful drawing and coloring supplies.

Children aren’t the only ones who love coloring. Coloring books featuring intricate designs and inspiring quotes appeal to artists who enjoy a unique coloring experience or adults who love to relax in a fun way.

Whether you use them as learning tools, for daily affirmation, or as a way to relax, coloring supplies will enrich your life in meaningful and unconventional ways. What will you create?

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Set of Rainbow Mechanical Watercolor Pencils with sharpener and extra leads

colored pencils

Capturing Creativity With OOLY Colored Pencils

Colored pencils let your art be clean and straightforward or as vibrant and messy as you want it to be. Get inspired for your next colorful project with just 8 pencils of simple color or you can get a little wild with pencils that change colors, have watercolor based lead or add a metallic tint.

OOLY offers a variety of color pencil options to choose the best type of pencils for your next doodle, sketch or color drenched masterpiece.

Mechanical colored pencils takes the mess out of keeping your art sharp. While watercolor pencils let you express your softer side with easy blending. Jumbo Brights neon colored pencils, Modern Metallic colored pencils and Kaleidoscope multi-colored pencils all let you express your wilder side. And the Sketch and Color colored pencil set helps you go from concept to creation all in one step.

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Large DIY cover sketchbook with black paper

coloring books

Opportunity for Color in Every Occasion

Whether you’re a little kid or kid at heart, creativity in any form will never go out of style. OOLY keeps the need to be inspired at the heart of every coloring solution we offer whether it be with a simple sketchbook or an intricate Color-In’ Book. Bring your favorite pens, crayons, pencils, or markers along for the ride and travel to that happy place in your mind as you bring each page to life with awe-inspiring color.

From Sweet Whimsy Travel Size Color-in’ Books, Marvelous Market Color-’n books, books filled with colorable quotes and sayings, or Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbooks in bold geometric prints, you can bring coloring projects along with you for whenever you find a free moment to be inspired. Maybe you just need a blank page and some inspiration. Then try the Stitch & Sketch Cover or Paper Works Sketchbooks on for size.

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Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons


Crayons: always OOLY, a new twist on an old classic.

Crayons are an age-old tool that everyone has used for school art projects or coloring books at home. OOLY has a new take on an old standby. We replaced the cheap crayons with unique, fun, quality tools you can use for just about anything.

Un-Mistake-Ables are erasable so you can create that winning design anytime. Oil Pastel Twisty Stix keep hands clean with a plastic casing so you or your little one can enjoy creating without the mess. Scented gel crayons keep your pictures bold and fruity. OOLY also has Left Right crayons with an ergonomic design for all, and Heart to Heart Stacking Crayons for fun-filled coloring.


For every child and every adult, OOLY crayons are the perfect way to unwrap the fun of traditional coloring in a new and exciting way.

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Pre-wrapped Writer's Desk writing gift set with pens and a notebook

desk essentials

Must Have Desk Accessories & Supplies

Go one step further than the typical desk accessories and supplies with these OOLY desk essentials. Bring color into your writing with myriad pen selections such as fine tip gel pens, Totally Taffy gel pens and fountain pens that come in splendid purples, pinks, reds, greens, blacks and blues.

Get your notes just right with the chance to do it over thanks to Do-Overs erasable highlighters and Pocket Pal journals to jot down ideas and reminders in a jiffy.

Stay sharp with sharpener free pencils and choose from a colorful array of scented erasers to keep your work error free. If scented supplies are your thing, OOLY has plenty of smelly erasers and markers to keep your curiosity going while you’re tapping into inspiration.

Whatever accessories and supplies you choose to keep in your desk, consider doing it with these whimsical OOLY desk essentials.

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Scratch and Scribble scratch art kits from OOLY

diy + crafts

DIY & Craft Supplies That Help You Create

A little bit of free time is a chance to be inspired and create. Let OOLY inspire you or your loved ones to get crafty with these colorful DIY projects.

Don’t just color, color in another dimension with 3D Colorables. Choose from world peace dolls, radical race cars, mighty swords, space age rockets, magical unicorns, breezy butterflies and more.

Or, be the boss of your own imagination from start to finish with a Creatibles DIY eraser kit. It comes in 12 different colors, which means the possibilities for eraser creations are endless.

Go unconventional with Creatibles DIY cling art so you can custom design your window art to match your own tastes. Or, get silly with a good sketchbook and Magic Puffy Pens or a Scratch and Scribble scratch art kit.

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Unique Unicorns strawberry scented unicorn erasers with a large rainbow eraser


Erasers. No one is perfect so why not have fun?

Sometimes you just have to let loose and be real. At least when you make a mistake on paper, you can erase it! Team up with our selection of erasers to tackle your editing needs!

OOLY erasers are a fun way to bring corrections to your artwork or schoolwork. With scented erasers and ice cream-inspired designs, writing with that pencil you wore the eraser off of long ago can be possible again! You can even use a make your own erasers kit, the Creatibles, to create your own designs and show off your creativity. Delve into the world of possibility with this variety of erasers to express your interests or arrive at school in style.

Mix and match erasers to your mood. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teacher, student, parent, child, artist, or anything in between. Erasers give you the freedom to be yourself.

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Splendid Fountain Pen - Purple

fountain pens

Fountain pens for a fountain of creativity.

Fountain pens provide a smooth writing experience and are easy to use for extended periods of time. These refillable, fancy fountain pens come in a variety of colors including red, green, blue, purple, pink, and black. We include three ink cartridges with each pen, but you can always buy more refills separately, for all of that creative writing you want to do.

These colored fountain pens are a tool to help make anyone feel fancy, so they are perfect if you want to take the boring out of other ordinary pens. Add flair to all of your notes with deluxe pens in a fountain of colors.

When your writing needs to be fresh, but professional, rely on these fountain pens to get the job done. They won’t scratch or drag on the paper, making your writing look flawless and splendid.

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Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

gel pens

Smooth writing gel pens are made for all your writing and doodling needs.

Have we mentioned that gel pens are spectacular? Well, they are. Reminisce about all of those fun notes you used to pass off to your BFF in the halls, written in, you guessed it, your favorite gel pen color. Gel pens are also a refreshing choice for writing reminders because their flow is different from other pens and pencils.

Unleash your creativity with OOLY Pens by recreating your gel pen collection. Create eye-popping writing, decorate your planner or journal, and use these colored pens to add an extra spark to your drawings. OOLY gel pens are the perfect instrument for your imagination and artistic writing needs.

They give you super fine-tipped detail while still creating a vibrant and colorful palette on which to fix your eyes. Pencils have their time and place, but colored or scented gel pens bring your writing to life. There is a fantastic gel pen available for everyone!

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Unicorn Write Stuff Gift Set


Art & Coloring Gift Sets They’ll Love

Take the frustration out and put the fun back into gift shopping with OOLY art and coloring gift sets. Available in a variety of age ranges, OOLY has gift set appropriate for children and adults alike. Shop kids ages 3 to 5, 5 to 7, 8 to 12, or teens and adults and find a gift set that will be sure to put a smile on any face.

Get specific with writing, painting, coloring sets or different combinations of all three. Go gender specific or gender neutral with theme based sets such as unicorns or just focus on the art and inspiration with sets packed full of markers, crayons, paints, pens, paper and 3D Colorables. Each kit is full of tools and materials that are perfectly age appropriate, whether you’re shopping for the wee one in your life or the oldest heading off to college.

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Set of 12 Chroma Blends Pearlescent watercolor paints and paintbrush

gifts for boys

Buzzing With Excitement Over Art Gifts For Boys

For the boy with endless energy and an unstoppable imagination OOLY offers a variety of art gifts and gift sets. Whether your little one is just looking to doodle or busy exploring his imagination, there is certainly a gift in this lineup that will make a perfect fit.

Choose from writing supply sets focused on helping ideas float onto paper or art sets that are packed full of bright colors and textures just waiting to be explored. Shop by age to pick the most appropriate kits for your giftee, or select a set that caters to the mode of creation your boy loves best.

OOLY has color on black coloring gift sets for a cool doodling effect, monster click-it erasers to get rid of any mistake in the most fun way, big bright brush markers for bold painting projects and fox, cat, or dog Carry Along sketchbooks to take the exploration with you.

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4 Colors Of Unicorn Designed Clickit Erasers

gifts for girls

Fanciful & Fabulous Art Gifts For Girls

Go for fun or simply fabulous when you’re deciding on a gift for your favorite girl. OOLY has plenty to choose from for girls of any age.

Choose a gift with a fanciful feel like a unicorn themed art set adorned in pastel hues, or get cool and sleek with metallic graphite pencils. Unlock a punch of power with GRL PWR gel pens, pocket notebooks, stickers and erasers. Give the gift of writing essentials to the writer in your life with a writer’s desk writing kit.

Give the gift of messy fun with materials like glitter glue, pearlescent watercolor paint sets or budding kids artists with paint gift sets. Or just go for all out silly with a giant rainbow eraser to quickly stamp out mistakes.

Whether you’re looking for pretty and powerful, marvelous and messy or delightful and fun, OOLY has what you need for your next gift for girl.

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Unicorn Write Stuff Gift Set

gifts for teens

Supercharging Creativity With Art Gift Sets For Teens

There is never a time to be more expressive with writing and drawing tools for school and home than during those middle school and high school years. Art gift sets for teens allows you to give a gift you’ll be confident will get used.

Each kit, whether it’s a standard set or deluxe, comes with an array of color popping supplies such as Oh My Ombre! mechanical pencils, Jumbo Juicy scented highlighters, Flipside 2-in-1 notebooks, or 6 Click neon multi gel pens.

If your teen is in a frenzy over unicorns then check out the unicorn write stuff gift set. It comes with an assortment of pens, pencils, markers and other writing tools covered in fun, fanciful unicorn designs.

Whatever your teen is inspired to write they’ll find no shortage of writing supplies and tools with these idea popping art and writing gift sets.

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GRL PWR 10 piece scented stickers set

girl power

The Power of Positive, Girl Power Art & School Supplies

There’s no better time for some girl empowerment like the present so make sure you check out these Girl Power products from OOLY. Designed to pack the biggest Girl Power punch, these girl power art and school supplies are themed with bold designs and positive messages that inspire your girls with every use.

Choose from GRL PWR Pocket Pal journals with inspirational messages like “be fierce”, “girls support girls”, “girls with goals”, or “the future is me”. Or pick up gel pens that write in color as bright as your girl is.

Girl power scented scratch stickers lets your girl choose exactly where they’d like to smack a positive message reminder, whether it be on their folder, binder, pencil bag or a note to a friend. And GRL PWR erasers helps quickly erase mistakes and continue tapping their imagination and creativity.

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Sakox Lollypop Scented Pens

grades K-8

Fantastic & Functional School Supplies For Grades K-8

With OOLY, restocking your school supply has never been so exciting. Whether its scented gel pens, scented erasers, mini markers, pencils decked out in bold colors and vibrant pastels or erasers your child can wear, OOLY school supplies for Grades K-8 will keep any elementary or middle school student’s education thoroughly entertaining.

Get your little kindergarten monsters roaring for school with silly monster markers, pens and pencils. Gallop away with imagination using unique unicorn pencils, multi color pens and clicking erasers. Keep the day colorful and bright with Dandy Candy scented markers or Tutti Fruitti gel pens.

For older students looking for a little more style they’ll be happy to see the OOLY flare for fun isn’t limited to just one age. Check out an assortment of graphite pencils and notebooks in stylish abstract designs popping with color. Or choose vibrant pencils and erasers decorated in a smooth ombre effect.

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Blue refill for Splendid Fountain Pen

high school

Back to School Supplies for High School

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Mini Monster Scented Markers


For all of the highlights of your life.

From mini highlighters to jumbo highlighters, and from neon highlighters to scented highlighters, we’ve got you covered. Highlighters are essential for organizing many tasks and thoughts. The problem is they typically come in only a few colors, and their standard design can be somewhat boring.

Not anymore! Enter OOLY highlighters. You can highlight passages in your textbooks to find them easily later. Color code your planner or calendar and add some delight to your day!

Do-overs erasable highlighters allow you to live without fear of making a mistake. And did we mention our fine-tipped highlighters, making it easy for you to not only highlight a passage but also write notes you can actually read? Scented highlighters delight your senses as you’re studying and stimulate your brain to participate. Anything you choose is the right decision, because the colors, designs, and scents are all playful and fun.

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OOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks set in packaging. Set of 12.

little artists

Art Supplies for Young Crafters and Creators

Sized just right for little hands and big personalities, these art supplies will give your little one or a little one you love countless ways to put their big imaginations to use. From large bold colored markers, easy grip crayons, and easy to handle doodling sets - just put any of these supplies in front of your child and watch them go to fun-filled work.

Scented Doodlers Kids Coloring or Color On Black Coloring Gift sets are a great choice for car rides, airplane trips, or just creating at home. Both sets come with easy to handle markers or pastels filled with fun color and a reusable container, and a sketchbook that keeps all the masterpieces in one place.

Left Right crayons fit in either hand, which is great for wee ones. And Mumbo Jumbo markers and Chunkies Paint Sticks are big enough for an easy grip in little hands.

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Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers


Experience markers with sizes and colors for everyone!

From colored calligraphy to neon retractables, there’s a marker for everyone. Jumbo chunky markers are great for little fingers. Erasable highlighters allow you to make mistakes because we all know that no one is perfect.

Stimulate the senses by designing aromatic art or writing a note to your BFF with scented markers. Fine tips help you master intricate details while chalk markers help maintain a dust-free but colorful work of art.

Whatever your wish, you can find it in this colorful selection. If your heart isn’t made of cupcakes and rainbows, don’t fret. Double ended markers add dimension to your images with a chiseled tip or brush tip. You can always keep it simple with basic black ink. There’s something here for every project.  

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Smitten Kitten Measuring Tape

measuring tape

Measuring Tape That Takes Cuteness to New Lengths

Measuring couldn’t get any more fun with these four cute measuring tape options from OOLY. Whether you’re measuring lengths in math class, sizing up your project at home, getting diameters just right for a holiday project, or rolling out the dimensions you need for a pretty poster board assignment, these happy little numbers will keep a smile on your face the whole way.

Smitten Kitten comes with a bashful smile and hues of soft purple and grays, while Rare Bear, Hunny Bunny, and Chubb Cub feature their own unique colors and looks. Pick whichever of these four furry friends that best suits your personality. The best part of these cute and funny measuring tape creatures? Just pull their tail to extend up to 60 inches of measurement. When you’re all done, just rewind it up to its original compact size and tuck it away in your pencil bag until next time.

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Monster Pals Writing Super Set with monster stationery, art and school supplies


Cute Monster Themed Art & School Supplies

Get your little monster energized about drawing, writing and coloring with these busy bold monsters art and school supplies. Writing tools adorned in brightly colored, happy little monsters in different shapes is enough to get any little monster lover excited about creating.

Mini monster scented markers will have your child creating all sorts of fun designs and doodles just to smell what scent is coming next. Monster Pocket Pal journals and Monster 6 Click multi color pens lets your child create on the go.

Use monster traditional or ClickIt erasers to get rid of any mistakes in your child’s next masterpiece, while creating fun borders and lively designs with monsters on a roll decorative sticker tape.

Scratch and Scribble scratch art kit helps your child draw and design in unconventional ways. While Monster Gel Pens will roll onto the paper with smooth rich color for your next monsterific creation.

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Toucan You Fly Happy Pack


Discover Your Creativity With New OOLY Products

Nothing gets creative juices flowing like OOLY products that have just arrived. Keep your hands moving and your ideas popping with a vibrant assortment of tools for writing, drawing and creating of all kinds.

Get sticky with Notes On A Roll sticky notes to keep your thoughts organized. Deck out your favorite folders, sketchbooks and notes with super cute stickers. Use Smooth Hues art markers or erasable colored pencils to fill in 3D Colorables with rich colors.

If it’s writing you’re all about, check out Radiant Writers glitter gel pens to adorn your words with style. Or have a go at Fab Fountain Pens and watch your writing glide across the page. Get your ideas down fast with Pretty Pop mechanical pencil and eraser sets. And if you running low on your eraser supply, browse this section to find colorful ClickIt or Jumbo erasers to replenish your stash.

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OOLY Chunkies Paint Sticks set in packaging. Set of 12.


Watercolor Paint Sets And So Much More

If painting is your pleasure, OOLY has a wide variety of inspiring paints, sets, and accessories to kick your painting projects into gear. Whether you’re looking to just explore or you're getting serious about just how imaginative you can become, these paint sets will provide a rainbow of fun and inspiring colors from lush greens to poppy pinks.

Lil’ Paint Pods are available in watercolor or poster paint, and watercolor pencils give you a versatile way to drench paper with deep color. Travel palettes make painting anywhere a breeze, and accessories such as watercolor paper and paintbrush sets give you a truly one-stop shopping experience.

Budding Artist Kids Paint Gift Sets are a great option to encourage a little one in your life, while Dot-A-Lot painting sets are a great way to add  color and texture to your project with a three-dimensional effect.

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Teal Mighty Pencil Sharpener 3 hole with clear colored casing

pencil sharpeners

Super Cute Manual Pencil Sharpeners

These fun shaped pencil sharpeners are too cute to pass up. They’ll keep you company while keeping your pencil sharp too. Keep them on your desk, in your pencil bag, or on the table next to you and they’re sure to put a smile on your face everytime you use them.

The Bird’s Eye View pencil sharpener and holder will literally hang around all day on your pencil, ready for when you need it next. It’s bold orange and peppy pink coloring will keep your enthusiasm going whether you’re writing, sketching, or studying. Likewise, the Monkey Business pencil sharpener and holder will be hanging on tight ready to leap into action next time your pencil needs to get sharp.

Need a playful break in between projects? Grab a Woodland Writing Pals or Arctic Writing Pals eraser and sharpener set to have a little fun and enjoy some function too with these colorful friends.

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Teal Mighty Pencil Sharpener 3 hole with clear colored casing

pencils + sharpeners

Pencils and sharpeners go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Nothing says fun like these cute pencils from OOLY. And, what would a pencil be without a sharpener? Dull, lifeless, and, frankly, not much fun. OOLY sharpeners make the perfect writing buddy. They’re unique and whimsical.

Woodland Writing Pals are forest friends just waiting to be put to use. They look after you and your pencils as you write. They’re here for you, to keep you sharp and and take care of your mistakes because they are an eraser too!

Both the Birds Eye View and the Monkey Business sharpeners will hold your pencil for you while you take a break, keeping it safe and secure. Your pencil is in good hands with these guys. For purists, the Mighty Pencil Sharpener is basic but mighty. It will do your dirty work and catch your shavings. It will also sharpen three different pencil sizes, so you’ll never be left high and dry.

You can’t have a pencil without an equally amazing sharpener to go with it.

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Sakox Lollypop Scented Pens

pom pom pens

Pom Pom Pens That Pop With Color

Get wild with these vibrant off the wall pens that are sure to start a conversation. Pom pom pens are the perfectly fun way to scribble the day away in a multitude of rainbow colors. Each pen comes in a crazy design wrapped in a miniature bow tie, and topped off with a fuzzy fun puffball.

Designed in South Korea, each Sakox Lollypop Pen is made with high quality ink and a durable barrel that will write in a pom pom frenzy as long as you need it to. Pick a pattern that’s as crazy as you are: perfect polka dots, bright rainbows, magic marshmallows, soft ombres, animal designs, and more.

Whether you’re picking out a pen for yourself, your children, a special kid in your life, teachers, writers, artists or friends, pom pom pens are a sure fire way to have a ton of fun while you get your work done.

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Mighty Pouch - Blue, a handy pouch with mesh pocket and zippered compartments.

pouches + bags

Colorful, Constructive + Cute Pencil Pouches

Don’t let your crayons, pens, pencils, and markers wander off anymore. Keep them all in one place with pouches and bags that offer outstanding organization.

Mighty Pouches give you three colorful compartments to keep your items sorted by size. Feel free to take a sneak peek at the items you need through the pouch’s partially see-through outer mesh. Choose from cool black, mighty blue, lively green, or pretty pink.

On The Go Zipper Pouches will keep your most important writing and drawing tools tidily tucked away in two separate compartments. It’s big enough to keep pens and pencils snug, but small enough to fit perfectly in a school bag, backpack, or go bag. Choose bright colors that will keep you peppy through every creative project to come.

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Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens

scented stuff

Scented Supplies that Excite the Senses

Use two senses instead of one with these totally silly scented markers, pens, erasers, stickers, and more! With names like Totally Taffy Scented Gel Pens, Macarons Vanilla Scented Erasers, Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Markers, and Lil Juicies Fruit Scented Erasers you may be tempted to take a bite. But these scented art and school supplies are strictly for creating.

Monster Pals, Self Expression Writing, and Unique Unicorn gift sets come packed with inspiring scented art and school tools for those who can’t get enough of these silly smelly supplies. Get sticky with fun and unique scented stickers, erase your greatest mistakes with Jumbo Rainbow scented erasers, and get your neon on with Neon Click Scented Retractable Highlighters.

Whether you’re coloring on paper, sending a note to a friend, writing in your journal, or preparing for your next big exam, these scented school and art supplies will keep your eyes and your nose inspired.

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Large DIY cover sketchbook with black paper


A sketchbook is every artist’s most worthy companion

Sketchbooks are the blueprint of your artsy ideas. They allow you to brainstorm on paper and provide an outlet for your fountain of ideas. OOLY sketchbooks come in a variety of sizes, cool colors, and designs, just waiting for you to unleash your creativity.

A small sketchbook is perfect for traveling on the road, and an art sketchbook is great for doodles. Everyone enjoys the whimsical covers and fun designs. Make use of a drawing sketchbook to map out your next big idea or impress your friends. Sketchbooks don’t have to be just for art either. Use the graph paper in the Paper Works Sketchbook for geometry, or the blank pages for practicing calligraphy.

The possibilities are endless, and sketchbooks provide an unlimited opportunity for artists at heart who don’t like the restrictions imposed by traditional notebook paper.

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Set of 8 Monster Tales pocket notebooks

stationery + journals

OOLY stationery kits and journals make for happy writing!

Whether you’re writing a short story, taking notes in class, or keeping a journal of your most influential life events, a journal or stationery kit is what you need.

Stationery and journals are great for all kinds of things. Sending a letter to your friend using personalized paper adds an expressive touch. A journal for each subject helps you keep your notes straight. If you like to chronicle your thoughts or get things off your chest, journals are excellent companions. Keeping a diary is a smart way to end your day with a recap of everything that happened and reflect on what’s most important.

OOLY stationery and journals help accomplish all of these goals and more. From Pocket Pal journals with colorful styles to flipside notebooks pulling double duty, you’ll find what you need in our eye-catching selection.

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Unique Unicorns On-The-Go Stationery Kit packaging with carrying handle

stationery kits

Stationery Kits Put The Wonder Back In Writing

Revive your love for writing with these stationery kits that are drenched in vivid color and designs. Each kit is packed full of imaginative ways to send a message whether you’re writing your pen pal, passing a note to a friend, or dropping a line with a quick postcard.

The Unique Unicorn set is perfect for little kids and not so little kids alike, who love to experience a little fun and fancy when they’re writing their besties. Magical Mermaids stationery is swimming in a sea of deep color that will have your imagination sailing in no time. Keep things cool and fun with the Fresh Fruits stationery kit that will keep you bebopping to your own chill beat.

Each kit comes with a notepad, letter paper with envelopes, postcards, pencils, four-color pens, stickers, a carrying case, and an eraser - everything you need to have fun writing to family and friends.


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Arctic Animals Note Pals sticky tabs for notes, reminders etc


Cute Stickers to Add Color and Fun

From fun to functional, these cute stickers will do everything from decorate your folders, keep tabs on the proper page, and seal envelopes to pen pals. Take your pick of stickers that range in design from animals both big and small, colorful fruit, food, candy and much more.

Get crazy with Itsy Bitsy super cute stickers. Discover Note Pals Sticky Tabs which are by far the cutest color-filled way to take notes and keep your place in your next read. Organize with Itsy Bitsy Super Cute Happy Planner stickers.

Make your notes and letters pop with personality with Owls, Doggies, Cats, or Monsters On-A-Roll decorative tape. Or just turn your own notes into a sticker with Notes On-A-Roll Sticky Notes set in rainbow brights and neon vibes. Organize with Itsy Bitsy Super Cute Happy Planner stickers. No matter which you choose, these stickers are sure to be full of fun!

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Arctic Animals Note Pals sticky tabs for notes, reminders etc

sticky notes

Colorful Sticky Tabs Puts The Wow In Your Work

Have a seriously silly time with these cutest of sticky notes. Mark your place in your text or place a reminder on important to-dos with whatever cute critter strikes your fancy. Choose from fantastic frogs, safari animals, alpacas on the farm, arctic animals, and many more. Or, take a little break from your next project with some decorating fun using bundles of bunnies, donuts & cupcakes, or fruity fun stickies.

Gift these super stickies to the kids in your life and watch Note Pals come to life through your child’s imagination. Playful pandas, blushing birds, and darling doggies are all just too cute to pass up and make great organizing stickies for school work.

If you’ve got a crew of kiddos to teach, use these sticky tabs to get their attention and keep them on task and playfully on point. There’s nearly no limit in color or creativity in these fun sticky tabs.

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Splendid Fountain Pen - Black

stocking stuffers

Colorful small surprises make great holiday gifts.

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4 Clickit Erasers with Sweet Things Design

sweet things

Deliciously Delightful Sweet Themed School Supplies

Get your fun on with a bounty of funny yummy sweets themed school and art supplies. No, you can’t eat them, but some of them smell so good and look so cute, you’ll wish you could. Find scented macaron inspired erasers to decked out donuts and rainbow-colored popsicle fun. These pens, coloring markers, pencils, and erasers are sure to bring feelings of happy, silly, and playful fun into your day.

And you can share the fun too since most of these colorful supplies come in packs of more than one. Give your bestie one of the two BFF Scented Eraser Bracelets that combine fun fashion and functionality. Or pass out some mini juice box erasers and delicious looking donut erasers for an impromptu mini eraser party. With all these playful options it will be hard to pick which sweet thing to use. But whatever you choose, there will be plenty of fun to share.

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Unique Unicorns Writing Super Set with unicorn stationery, desk and art items


Be Inspired with Unicorn Art & School Supplies

If you long to lead a unicorn themed life then OOLY has got what you need to be inspired. Whether you’re shopping for art supplies, stationery or tools for school for yourself or someone else, you can find just about anything you need in a fanciful theme of magical unicorns.

A Unicorn Write Stuff gift set makes the perfect present for a unicorn themed birthday party. It comes packed with unicorn stationery, stickers, pens, pencils, crayons and erasers. Or choose a magical unicorn 3D Colorable inflatable coloring toy to supercharge a creative kid’s imagination.

Pick up a set of 8 Unique Unicorn Pocket Pal journals, a Unique Unicorns 6 click multi-color pen and some Unique Unicorn strawberry scented erasers for super school supply fun. Share with friends, or make trades with other eraser collecting pals.

Next time you pull out a pencil, pen, notebook or eraser, let it be covered in unicorns!

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Splendid Fountain Pen - Black

we go together

Shop Products that Connect and Go Together

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Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens


OOLY writing supplies are for teachers, artists, parents, & kids.

Take charge of your day and give yourself the power to write with emotion. With writing tools like pencils, pens, & markers, you have everything you need to succeed.

Writing supplies are accessible to everyone, and should be. Maybe start with the basics, then color your world with this vast array of writing supplies. Bring life to your sticky notes and lists. Vicarious, uninhibited highlighting helps you stay organized. Color-coordinated chore charts keep everyone on track. Maybe. :)

You live an exciting life. Let your writing reflect the expressive rainbow you feel inside. Bring joy to those around you with friendly notes. Let loose. Let your paper experience life with you. Better yet, let it be a part of everything you do with OOLY writing supplies as outgoing as you are.

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