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gifts for the entire list bonus box

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Ultimate gift giving value box!

This box is for the early shopper who loves convenience, quality, one-stop-shopping, and SAVINGS! Tick off everyone on your holiday list as there is something for everyone. Have extras? Store them away for the next birthday on the calendar. Valued at $325, your $74 savings is a reward for getting your shopping done early!

All the gifts, at your fingertips! Gifts for everyone on your holiday list are now available in an easy, one-click purchase from OOLY. Package them together - a marker set and doodle pad - for the perfect stocking stuffer. No matter who your recipient is, we got a gift for them!

FREE Chroma Blends Watercolor Markers - Watercoloring will never be the same with Chroma Blend Watercolor Markers. This beautiful 18 piece set features a colorful array of watercolor markers with brush tips. Use dry for a richly pigmented watercolor effect, or wet the tip for a more classic watercolor wash.

FREE Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers - This set of Rainbow Glitter Markers has 10 classic colors and 5 pastels colors that are, you guessed it, rainbow-y and sparkly for that added touch of sweet, whimsical fun.

FREE Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens 2.0 - Fruity fantastic Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens will add a vibrant dash of color and bling to any masterpiece. Each color sparkles with glitter and is scented with an array of fruity fun!

FREE 2 of A Kind Colored Pencils - When one colored pencil isn't enough you can call upon 2 of A Kind Colored Pencils for double the colors. This set of 12 colored pencils are double ended with complementing colors, for a total of 24 vibrant shades that always look great together.

FREE Fantastic Dragons Scratch and Scribble Art Kit Scratch to reveal amazing dragons with the Fantastic Dragons Scratch Art Kit. It’s easy to create incredible works of art with the 4 guided illustrations that are easy to follow, or use your imagination to scratch your own design onto one of the four blank cards.

From vroom, to whoosh, to beep beep, to chug-a-chug… the Movin’ and Shakin’ coloring book is brimming with over 30 pages of different delightful animals that are all in motion—whether driving cars, hanging from a hang glider, or shipping out to sea in a tugboat.

Smooth, bright coloring is a breeze with these 12 water soluble Cat Parade Gel Crayons. Add water with a paint brush to make watercolor effects that are simply the cat’s meow. Fun, clean, and easy to use, this set features a variety of kitten-faced caps, plastic twist-up barrels and 12 brilliant colored gel crayons.

Holy wow! These markers are more than what they seem. Each of the 12 Switch-eroo! Color Changing Markers hides a delightful surprise - a mystery color that is only revealed when you flip your marker to switch the color.

The Creatibles D.I.Y. Air-Dry Clay Kit features super soft clay that makes hand building your creations easy and fun, especially with the help of sculpting tools to add detail and dimension. Once your project is complete, simply leave it out and it will harden on its own. Then, if you would like to decorate further, you can use paints or markers to finish your piece.

Stylish penmanship is about to get a whole lot more fun with the amazingly vibrant Color Write Fountain Pens in 8 super cool colors. Use the colors to add more life to your writing or to express different ideas.

Chunkies Paint Sticks give vibrant paint payoff in a cappable, clean, and quick drying stick. Thick barrels are just the right size for little hands, and since you won’t need any brush or water, they keep messes to a minimum.

The Color Together Markers are double-ended markers for budding visual artists, allowing them to draw the world around them, or the one they see in their imagination. Jam-packed with 12 classic rainbow colors as well as 6 different skin tone colored markers, each washable marker has a brush tip on one end and a marker tip on the other.

Pretty pastels get the colored pencil treatment with this set of Pastel Hues Colored Pencils. Highly pigmented but beautifully soft, this set of 24 pencils is a pastel dream come true!

Blast off into outer space and explore the universe with the Space Critters Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbook for kids! Budding astronauts and scientists will discover a galaxy of cosmic inspiration from the cover art. The only limit to what you can draw is your imagination!

The Quotations Pocket Pals Journals are 8 inspirational pocket notebooks featuring different quotes - perfect for mixing and matching or sharing with friends.

Noted! Mechanical Pencils are pre-loaded with 2mm extra thick No 2 graphite lead and feature a lead sharpener on the top of each pencil. Each of the 6 colorful pencil barrels has a motivating quote to keep you inspired.

Le Macaron Patisserie Scented Erasers are a colorful set of 5 macaron erasers with a fresh vanilla scent that can be taken apart and mixed and matched to make all sorts of multi-colored macarons.

Writer's Duo 2 in 1 Fountain Pens + Highlighters are a set of three colored ink fountain pens that write in beautiful blue, pink and purple on one end, then flip to highlight in complementing pastel shades. These pen highlighter combos are the perfect go-to for planners, journaling or making your shopping list.

Glitter and more glitter is what you get with the Oh My Glitter! Liquid Ink Highlighters! This set of 6 sumptuous neon colors of liquid highlighter have sparkly inks featuring chisel tips for versatility.

Share in the adventures of happy dinosaurs with the Dino Days Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbooks. This set of 2 quality sketch pads feature uproariously delightful dinos stomping their way through a colorful forest.

Unleash your inner activist, run for school president, or create a drool worthy science fair project with the Lil' Poster Paint Pods. These 12 vibrant colored paints are individually stored in sturdy and reusable "paint pods", and come with a paintbrush and a handy travel case. They are water soluble and spills wash right out of your favorite tee.

The lil’ Paint Brush Set makes a great all-in-one set with 7 nylon paint brushes of different sizes with gradated colors in a pretty ombre effect. Styles include small flat, small angle, extra small round, medium round, medium filbert and large flat brush - whatever you need to tackle your next painting project.

Your watercolor art belongs on high quality watercolor paper. The Chroma Blends Watercolor Paper pad is a glue bound pad of watercolor paper that's large enough for your beautiful watercolor paintings and small enough to easily travel with. Each of the 15 sheets is heavy weight and acid free.

The Tattoo Palooza Dino Days Temporary Tattoo set comes with over 50 tattoos full of delightful dinos. Tattoo-Paloozas are easy to apply, last up to 5 days, and are easy to remove.

The Tattoo Palooza Party Animals Temporary Tattoo set comes with over 50 tattoos full of adorable animals ready to get their party on! Tattoo-Paloozas are easy to apply, last up to 5 days, and are easy to remove.

It’s only a short route to finding some fun with OOLY’s pack of Mini Maze Paper Games! 24 different mazes are included in this maze book for kids, so they’ll be locating their way out of boredom in no time. Bonus tic-tac-toe games are on the back of every sheet, because OOLY loves X’s and O’s! 

  • Chroma Blends Watercolor Brush Markers - Set of 18 - FREE
  • Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers - Set of 15 - FREE
  • Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens - Set of 12 - FREE
  • 2 of a Kind Colored Pencils - Set of 12 - FREE
  • Fantastic Dragon Scratch and Scribble Scratch Art Kit- FREE
  • Movin' and Shakin' Coloring Book
  • Cat Parade Gel Crayons - Set of 12
  • Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers Set of 12
  • Creatibles DIY Air Dry Clay Kit
  • Color Write Fountain Pens - Set of 8
  • Chunkies Paint Sticks - Set of 12
  • Color Together Markers - Set of 18
  • Pastel Hues Colored Pencils - Set of 24
  • Space Critters Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbooks - Set of 2
  • Pocket Pals Journals - Quotations - Set of 8
  • Noted! Graphite Mechanical Pencils - Set of 6
  • Le Macaron Pâtisserie Scented Erasers - Set of 5
  • Writer's Duo 2 in 1 Fountain Pens and Highlighters
  • Oh My Glitter! Neon Highlighters - Set of 6
  • Dino Days Doodle Pad Duo Sketchbooks - Set of 2
  • lil' Poster Paint Pods - Set of 12
  • lil' Paint Brush Set - Set of 7
  • Chroma Blends Watercolor Paper
  • Tattoo-Palooza Temporary Tattoos - Dino Days - 3 Sheets
  • Tattoo-Palooza Temporary Tattoos - Party Animal - 3 Sheets
  • Mini Mazes Paper Games
  • FREE shipping in the contiguous U.S. only. Other restrictions may apply*.

*Holiday Bonus Boxes: Offer ends December 23, 2022 12:00 pm PST. Only valid while supplies last. If a product is no longer available, OOLY reserves the right to substitute product(s) of the same or lesser value. Offer subject to change or termination without notice. Free Shipping: For customers in the U.S., OOLY offers free shipping for orders totaling $49 or more (except Hawaii and Alaska). Offer subject to change or termination without notice.

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