work-it, draw-it pack


work-it, draw-it pack

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When it's time to create serious drawings, or serious work, you get all you need with the Work-it, Draw-it Pack. With pencils of all shades, paper of all types, and a super handy sharpener too, you will get your work and ideas to paper in no time at all!

The Pencil Works set is a set of 12 graphite pencils of varying hard and soft leads, all the varying types of pencil leads that great sketch artists use. Create depth in your pencil art and drawings with a set of drawing pencils with really soft leads and really hard leads and everything in between. Plus with the included Mighty Sharpener you can keep them all primed and ready! With the white, black, graph and kraft paper; The Paper Works Sketchbook, you get the works. Need some graph paper for practicing calligraphy letters  or maybe a geometry class? Check. How about creating black paper art with neon gel pens? Check! Or maybe try drawing on something different like the highly textured feel of kraft paper? Check! And there's always the go-to high quality white paper. 32 sheets each of White, Black and Kraft and 12 sheets of Graph

  • 12 Graphite Leads with assorted hardness - Create the pencils drawings you want with soft leads, hard leads and everything in between
  • Pencil lead hardness ranges from 4H to 6B
  • Sketchbook with 4 paper types – white, black, kraft (32 Sheets Each) and graph paper (12 Sheets)
  • Perforated 8" x 10" sheets
  • 3-hole sharpener - fits small to large size pencils
  • Suitable for Ages 6 and Up

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