so much color writing and art super set


so much color writing and art super set

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Drawing, writing and creating await the lucky person who gets their hands on the So Much Color Writing and Art Super Set. This fun gift set features a large collection of gel pens, markers, mechanical pencils and a handy notebook to capture every creative idea. Perfect for planners, artists or students!

Just Write Super Fine Colored Gel Pens are just right for the teen who likes to write their notes in fine colored detail. This set of 12 colored gel pens have tips at 0.4 mm that makes right and drawing detailed and colorful.
Oh My Ombre! Mechanical Pencils mean there's no need for sharpening. With just a few clicks these mechanical pencils reveal a fine point 0.5mm no. 2 graphite lead. There's also 3 erasers included in this 6 mechanical pencil set.
Perfectly Permanent Dual Tip Markers will help you leave your mark. This set of 10 colored permanent markers each have a dual tip. One side is a 3 mm round tip and the other is 0.5mm fine tip.
Oodles of Doodles Multi-Surface Markers can write on almost anything. Try them out on glass, windows mirrors, black and white boards and of course the included Flipside Notebook in this gift set.
The Flipside Double Sided Notebook will keep any notes, writing and sketches organized in a creative way. The Flipside Notebook is double sided so you can organize your notes in any way you like. One side of the notebook can be for school, and the other can be for personal notes. Or perhaps each side can be a particular notebook for whatever school subject. The FlipSide Notebook can be whatever you decide.

Bonus OOLY Eraser
Included in the gift set is a 3.5 by 2 inch OOLY eraser

  • Writing and Art Gift Set
  • Oh My Ombre! Mechanical Pencils, Just Write Fine Tip Gel Pens, Oodles of Doodles Multi-Surface Markers, Perfectly Permanent Dual Tip Markers, FlipSide 2-in-1 Notebook
  • Ages 6+

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