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perfectly pastel bonus box

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Create a world of beautifully bright colors with the Perfectly Pastel Bonus Box. This set of pastel writing accessories is designed to brighten your everyday notes and writing with pastel colors. Discover pastel colored markers, highlighters, stickers and more. Also included is a free, pastel colored, mini notebook and a set of erasers. See all Bonus Boxes.

Make your day even brighter with writing accessories that bring pastel goodness. The Perfectly Pastel Bonus Box is a set of writing supplies that exemplify everything that is great about pastel colors. Inside, you’ll find two different sets of pastel highlighters to mark any important notes or calendar items. Decorate your notebooks with a set of 24, double sided markers. Enjoy even more decorating with cotton candy themed stickers. Lastly this bonus box comes with a free mini notebook and set of 5 scented, pastry themed erasers.

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Make your projects, notes, art, and stationery smell like cotton candy, with the Fluffy Cotton Candy Scented Sticker sheets full of creative creatures like unicorns, pandas and more! Simply pick any sticker, apply it to anything and scratch to release a delightful cotton candy scent! These stickers work great with any OOLY journals, notepads, and sketchbooks. Mix up the scents with other OOLY scented sticker packs and our scented gel pens too! Includes 8 jumbo stickers and 2 sticker sheets.

Keep your handwritten notes, calendars and journals fresh with Pastel Mints highlighters. But we mean fresh in more ways than one because not only do pastel highlights bring a bright look to your notes but these scented highlighters also smell like fresh mint. Each Pastel Mint highlighter has a unique soft flexible tip that makes for a truly pleasurable highlighting experience. And with 10 colors to choose from your notes will be colored and organized in a beautiful pastel palette.

Make your notes stand out with strawberry scented highlighters with beautiful pastel ink colors. The Le Bonbon Patisserie scented highlighters are a set of 5 capped highlighters that are colored just like beautiful french pastries. Just uncap and start highlighting with these easy-to-hold highlighters that smell like sweet strawberries.

Have twice the fun with the Drawing Duet Double Ended Markers! With two different colors in each dual tipped marker, you can have double to fun. 12 markers, 24 colors, unlimited creative possibilities!

Bonus 1: Show the world your love for happiness with the Radiate Happiness Jot-It! Notebook. This cute notebook is everything you need to keep your notes and ideas in one place with a cover that’ll keep you happy all day. This 4.1 by 5.8 inch (A6 size) notebook is the perfect size for easy travel but large enough for your big ideas. With 64 pages of lined paper held together with stitched binding and a gold foiled cover, this notebook makes for a great planner, calendar and idea-holder.

Bonus 2: Show your love for the sweetness of life with Le Macaron Patisserie scented erasers. That’s French for macaron erasers. This delicious looking French pastry is meant for erasing pencil mistakes; and they smell like sweet vanilla. Pull these puzzle erasers apart to mix-and-match the colors for all sorts of pastel colored creations. Each macaron eraser is about 1.75 inches in diameter and comes in a set of 5.

Bonus supplies include a Radiate Happiness Jot-it! Notebook and Le Macaron Patisserie Scented Erasers

  • Pastel Mints Scented Highlighters
  • Drawing Duet Double Ended Markers
  • Le Bonbon Patisserie Scented Pastel Highlighters
  • Fluffy Cotton Candy Scented Stickers
  • All styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made*

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