playful spring bonus box


playful spring bonus box

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Spring forward into a colorful adventure with the Playful Spring Bonus Box. This collection of colorful art supplies is perfect for celebrating the new season with creativity. See all Bonus Boxes.

Discover limitless creativity in the Playful Spring Bonus Box; a collection of inspiring art supplies just in time for spring adventure. This bonus box comes with 8 incredible creative supplies plus a bonus set of Yummy Yummy Scented Twist-Up Crayons. Color and draw with Brilliant Bee Crayons and a set of magical color changing markers. Mold any fun creation with an air-dry clay kit. Experience the wonder of decorating your own sunshine garden with reusable stickers. Decorate your backpack, clothes or more with a set of iron-on patches. You can even decorate yourself with a set of temporary tattoos. Also included is a set of 2 sketchbooks with underwater inspiration. And enjoy the sweet smell of vanilla with a set of donut shaped erasers.

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Hands on crafting begins with the Creatibles DIY Air Dry Clay Kit. Super soft clay makes it easy to create! The 12 colors of air dry clay come packed in 3 tubs. To prevent drying out be sure to keep the lids on when not in use. Mix the air dry clay to make different colors and use the 3 shaping tools to sculpt your 3D art projects. When you’re done, simply leave your masterpiece out to dry in the air. No Baking required! When your sculpture has dried you can add details or decorate with paint or colorful markers.

Whether you are traveling or in need of stay at home kids activities; this reusable sticker and activity book does it all. Imagine playing with cute garden pals with no mess. Sunshine Garden Play Again Mini Activity Book features a board game, match and learn, tic tac toe and a scene board to fill with cute garden stickers.

Make your wardrobe Beary Sweet with this set of 3 bear themed iron on patches and bring some extra sweet ice cream style and flair with you wherever you go!

Erase in style with Dainty Donuts Pencil Erasers. This cute eraser set comes with half a dozen donut erasers that will make your pencil mistakes disappear in a sweet way. Dainty Donuts are scented erasers too; they smell like sweet vanilla. This pencil eraser set is sure to make your day at school, home or work way sweeter too.

The Friendly Fish Doodle Pads are your new best buddies with creating your drawing and coloring adventures. Each doodle pad has 32 sheets of 100 gsm paper which makes for a quality canvas for your sketching creativity. It's a nicely sized sketchbook with pages at 8.25 inches by 11.5 inches. 

Express your personal style with Tattoo-Palooza Cute Doodle World. The set of 3 temporary tattoo sheets; that’s over 50 tattoos!  This set is full of cute doodle animals, a happy avocado and lots of other fun doodles. Tattoo-Palooza tattoos are easy to apply and last up to 5 days and are easy to remove. Non-toxic.

Swithcheroo Markers are a set of twelve color markers comes with chiseled tips for both thick and thin strokes. Color boldly and then change it up in a different way each time. Just use any of the white ends to draw or change the color and add creativity to your colored in area. Watch wonder unfold as you create a new masterpiece with these one of a kind color markers.

Bright, smooth and triangular shaped crayons; Brilliant Bee Crayons have it all. When you're coloring with Brilliant Bee Crayons you can bet that your art will stand out. The colors lay smoothly on paper and are both thick for a great ergonomic fit.  The triangle crayons make roll away crayons a thing of the past. Each set comes with 12crayons in a beautiful reusable package. Brilliant Bee crayons work great on black paper too.

Bonus: Yummy Yummy Scented Twist Up Crayons are encased in a durable barrel; just twist up to reveal more crayon. It’s a great way to keep hands clean and crayons from breaking. Each of the 10 brightly colored crayons has an amazing fruity scent to delight the senses.

  • Bonus art supplies kit with free Yummy Yummy Scented Twist-Up Crayons
  • Creatibles DIY Air Dry Clay Kit
  • Play Again! Mini Reusable Sticker Scenes - Sunshine Garden
  • Patch ‘em Beary Sweet Iron On Patches
  • Dainty Donuts Scented Erasers
  • Doodle Pad DuoSketchbooks - Friendly Fish
  • Tattoo-Palooza Temporary Tattoos - Cute Doodle World
  • Switch-eroo Color Changing Markers
  • Brilliant Bee Crayons
  • All styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made*

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