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rise and thrive bonus box

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fresh supplies start you off on the right foot

Whether you’re embarking on a personal project, about to start a new job, or getting ready for a new school year, nothing sets you down the right path like a set of fresh supplies.

The first step is always the hardest, but one of the secrets to getting started is getting properly equipped. This collection arms you with everything you need to make that first step so much easier. 

Write with the refined style of a black ink fountain pen without the scratchy feel! The Splendid Fountain Pen has a small ball-shaped point and comes with a rubber grip barrel and 3 ink cartridges. 

This set of Seeing Double Fine Double Tip Markers is a perfect hand lettering tool. With two tips you get a unique look without needing any unique skills!  

Welcome to the world of calligraphy writing with the Calligraphy Duo Chisel and Brush Tip  Markers. These calligraphy markers are dual tipped with a chisel tip marker for more traditional calligraphy writing on one side and a felt brush tip for stunning brush lettering on the other.

The Colorful Pencils Note Pals Sticky Tabs are your new colorful friends to help point the way in all of your calendars, documents, textbooks, papers and more. Just stick these colorful pencils anywhere you need a reminder or note.

Organize, draw, and decorate this White DIY Cover Sketchbook. It’s great for holding all of your amazing creations and comes with 75 perforated, acid free sheets.

6 colors, one pen, and the gorgeous, fluid strokes you get with gel ink – all in one pen – this is the 6 Click Multicolor Gel Pen.

Modern Graphite Pencils are just great, basic No. 2 pencils with metallic colored barrels. What more could you ask for?

Mighty Sharpener keeps pencils ship-shape with three different pencil sharpening options.

*Bonus 1 - FREE Style Writers Ballpoint Pen -  Cute meets tough with the Style Writers Ballpoint Pens. This black ink ballpoint pen is made with stainless steel material for durability and colored in two-toned neon colors and features a cute gem topper. 

**Bonus 2 - FREE Pastel Liners Dual Markers. Draw and highlight with beautifully bright pastel colors with the Pastel Liners Dual Marker set. One side can be used as a pastel highlighter pen and the other end is a fine tip marker that can be used to sketch, color, draw and write in beautiful pastel colors.

Bonus 3 - FREE Shipping

  • Splendid Fountain Pen – Black
  • Seeing Double Fine Tip Markers – Set of 5
  • Calligraphy Duo Chisel and Brush Tip Markers – Set of 12
  • Note Pals Sticky Tabs - Colorful Pencils – 180 Sticky Tabs
  • White DIY Cover Sketchbook – 75 Perforated Sheets
  • 6 Click Multicolor Gel Pen
  • Modern Graphite Pencils
  • Mighty Sharpener - Black****
  • *Bonus 1 - Style Writers Ballpoint Pens, Neon – Set of 3
  • **Bonus 2 - Pastel Liners Dual Tip Markers – Set of 8
  • ***Bonus 3 - FREE shipping in the contiguous U.S. only. Other restrictions may apply.
  • ****Styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made

* **Back to School Bonus Boxes: Offer ends September 6, 2022 12:00 pm PST. Only valid while supplies last. If a product is no longer available, OOLY reserves the right to substitute product(s) of the same or lesser value. Offer subject to change or termination without notice.
***Free Shipping: For customers in the U.S., OOLY offers free shipping for orders totaling $49 or more (except Hawaii and Alaska). Offer subject to change or termination without notice.

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