notes on a roll sticky note set - neon vibes


notes on a roll sticky note set - neon vibes

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Add color to your organizing with this really fun sticky note set. Notes On A Roll is a long sticky note on a dispenser that works just like a really big sticker, except you can write on it. Make sticky notes of any size you want, tear them off and make your notes. Then you can stick them in your notebooks, textbooks, calendars, diaries and much more. It's like a really big sticker since the whole back is adhesive. Keep track of all your notetaking needs or school work. Plus there's a roll of 4 separate colorful decorative tapes. You can write on the deco tape to keep colorful tabs on all of you work. The Notes On A Roll set includes a 19 feet of dispensable sticky notes. Also included is 19 feet of colored deco tape and one dispenser. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

  • Cute Neon Sticky Note Set
  • Sticky Note and Deco Tape Dispenses just like a roll of tape.
  • 1 Sticky Note Roll - You can write on this and stick it on anything you want. It's great for organizing.
  • 1 Roll of Colorful Deco Tape - This colorful deco tape roll includes 4 separate neon colors.
  • 1 Dispenser Included
  • Suitable for Ages 6 and Up

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