Back to School Supplies for College

Package of Ninja Pencil Erasers
Ninja Erasers


Package of Ninja Graphite Pencils with black wood
Ninja Pencils


Monster Gel Ink Pens from OOLY. Set of 4
Monster Gel Pens


Color Luxe fine tip gel pens in a rainbow pattern
Color Luxe Gel Pens


Set of 12 Monster Graphite Pencils
Monster Pencils


While college academics may be serious, your school supplies don’t have to be. OOLY helps you be a college superstar while keeping the lightheartedness of youth intact.

Fab fountain pens let you practice your penmanship skills while dutifully taking notes. Radiant writer gel pens keeps your notes organized with helpful stand out colors. If pencils are more your thing, don’t settle for yellow. Try modern graphite pencils for a more modern look or take a look back in retro style with Write-in Style Dots and Dashes pencils.

Continue the cute with Very Best Mechanical pencils in pretty pinks or cool blues, while correcting mistakes with silly erasers in cactus, ice cream cone, or woodland pal shapes.

Flipside notebooks are a combo of lined and blank paper with free space available to sketch, journal, or just create doodles. Retractable, scented and erasable highlighters makes storing and using highlighters to keep lecture notes organized a cinch.