oh my glitter! graphite pencils - set of 3


oh my glitter! graphite pencils - set of 3

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Be inspired by the beauty of glitter with the Oh My Glitter! graphite pencil set. This set of 3 graphite pencils have ombre colored barrels that shine with glittery goodness and a unique flat head eraser.

When a normal pencil won’t do you can reach for a glittery one instead. The Oh My Glitter! graphite pencils will inspire you with its sparkly beauty. Each set comes with 3 graphite pencils with ombre colored barrels with amazing glitter. Also the unique, flat-head eraser will make your new pencils stand out from the rest. Graphite number 2 lead.

*We recommend sharpening by hand.

  • Glitter styled pencils
  • Set of 3
  • Unique flat head eraser
  • Number 2 graphite lead
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up


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