jot-it! notebook - work smart

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jot-it! notebook - work smart

$3.50 $3.50
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Your notes, calendars and reminders deserve a place to remind you to work smart. The Work Smart Jot-It! Notebook is a cute looking work notebook that’s made to keep your important notes wherever you go.

The old adage of “work smart, not hard” now exists in the perfect place; right where you keep your notes. The Work Smart Jot-It! Notebook is a work notebook where you can keep your notes, calendars and ideas wherever you go. This 4.1 by 5.8 inch (A6 size) notebook is perfectly sized for easy travel but large enough for your great ideas. With 64 pages of lined paper held together with stitched binding and a holographic foiled cover, this notebook makes for a great planner, calendar and all around idea-holder.

  • Paper notebook
  • 32 lined sheets/64 pages
  • A6 size, 4.1 by 5.8 inch
  • Stitched binding
  • Holographic foil treated cover

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