beary yummy happy pack


beary yummy happy pack

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If you’re a fan of the sweet smell of berries, deliciously cute bears, and a ton of ice cream cones, we have the pack for you! The Beary Yummy Happy Pack includes a Rainbow Glitter Wand Pen for all your writing needs and some berry scented bear stickers too! Keep all your creations together and organized with ice creams cones using the Cool Treats Note Pals Sticky Tabs.

Cast some magic into the page with your writing using the Rainbow Glitter Wand Pen and it’s black ink smooth rolling ballpoint. You can also add some berry flavored bear style to your projects, notes, art, and stationery with the included scented stickers. Simply pick the design, stick it to anything, and scratch to release a world of berry fruit scents! And to help you keep track of all your creative ideas and works, use some of the ice cream designs in the pack of Cool Treats Note Pals Sticky Tabs. You’ll also make someone beary happy if you give them this pack as a simple gift or party favor too!

  • Beary Sweet Scented Stickers includes 8 die-cut stickers and 2 sticker sheets
  • Beary Sweet Scented Stickers release a yummy berry scent when scratched
  • Cool Treats Note Pals Sticky Tabs help keep your notes and reminders in place
  • Give the Rainbow Glitter Wand Pen a shake and watch the glitter sparkle around*
  • Ballpoint nib with black ink for smooth writing
  • all styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made

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