itsy bitsy stickers - glitter gem


itsy bitsy stickers - glitter gem

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This one-sheet of Itsy Bitsy gemstone stickers has glitz, glamour, and the perfect amount of pastel sweetness. Each glitter sticker glimmers like the precious stone it’s inspired by, and they’re great for use on lunchboxes, journals, or anything that could use a little sparkle.

With this one-sheet of sweet and glitzy Itsy Bitsy gem stickers, you’ll never lose your sparkle. Inspired by different precious gems, these glamorous glitter stickers have just the right amount of shimmer and come in lots of different shapes, like hearts and diamonds. Use this pastel-colored collection to add some shine to everyday items and then just watch how they’re transformed into something special! Going glam is fun when you do it with these charming Itsy Bitsy stickers. Suitable for ages 3 and up.

big gem discoveries in small sizes

  • Precious gem-themed stickers
  • A variety of shapes like hearts and diamonds
  • Includes one sticker sheet
  • Each sticker features a pastel color and a glittery shimmer
  • Great for decorating journals, diaries, artwork, and more
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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