stickiville pinata party stickers - holographic


stickiville pinata party stickers - holographic

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Good times that stick

Keep the celebration going with these piñata party sticker sheets from the Stickiville collection! These holographic glitter stickers feature rainbow-colored pinatas of all different sizes! They set a celebratory tone and will remind everyone that fun likes to stick around!

Everyone who knows anything about Stickiville knows that it’s a place where fun and good times like to stick around! That’s especially so with these two piñata party sticker sheets. Bright, rainbow-colored piñatas of all different sizes are featured on these sticker sheets, and they’re just waiting to be placed wherever a celebration is called for! So go ahead and get these holographic glitter stickers for your next shindig, because nothing says ‘let the good times roll’ like a piñata!

  • Piñata themed sticker sheets
  • Designs feature a variety of colorful pinatas in various sizes
  • Includes two sticker sheets of pinata-themed stickers
  • Holographic glitter stickers with hypnotic effects that will catch the eye
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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