grades k-8

Fantastic & Functional School Supplies For Grades K-8

Package of Ninja Pencil Erasers
Ninja Erasers


Package of Ninja Graphite Pencils with black wood
Ninja Pencils


Monster Gel Ink Pens from OOLY. Set of 4
Monster Gel Pens


Sharkies Gel Pens
Sharkies Gel Pens


Set of 12 Monster Graphite Pencils
Monster Pencils


With OOLY, restocking your school supply has never been so exciting. Whether its scented gel pens, scented erasers, mini markers, pencils decked out in bold colors and vibrant pastels or erasers your child can wear, OOLY school supplies for Grades K-8 will keep any elementary or middle school student’s education thoroughly entertaining.

Get your little kindergarten monsters roaring for school with silly monster markers, pens and pencils. Gallop away with imagination using unique unicorn pencils, multi color pens and clicking erasers. Keep the day colorful and bright with Dandy Candy scented markers or Tutti Fruitti gel pens.

For older students looking for a little more style they’ll be happy to see the OOLY flare for fun isn’t limited to just one age. Check out an assortment of graphite pencils and notebooks in stylish abstract designs popping with color. Or choose vibrant pencils and erasers decorated in a smooth ombre effect.