monsters gift holiday happy pack


monsters gift holiday happy pack

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Monsters come together in this inspirational stationery accessory gift set made for holiday gifting. Inside you’ll find cute, and scary, monster erasers, monster themed graphite pencils and a 3-hole Mighty Pencil Sharpener. These monsters are your new friends for everything writing related.

The Monsters Holiday Happy Pack is sure to delight anyone with an affinity to such cute and scary creatures. Inside this happy pack you’ll find a set of 3 Monster Erasers with funny arms and faces, a set of 12 Monster #2 Graphite Pencils and a 3-hol Mighty Pencil Sharpener. Makes a great holiday gift with included gift tag on the packaging.

  • Happy Pack with funny monster writing accessories
  • Set of 3 Monster Erasers
  • Monster #2 Graphite Pencils - Set of 12
  • Mighty Pencil Sharpener with 3 sharpener holes
  • Holiday gift tag on the packaging

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