space explorer bonus pack


space explorer bonus pack

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Entice your little explorer for learning with these astro inspired school supplies. Fun but functional colorful pencils, pens, markers and more make this collection out of this world. School projects, homework and artwork are all possible with these cute tools. Bonus: you will receive a free school tool and free shipping!

The amazing Astronaut 6 Click Pen. One pen with 6 colored inks makes this the perfect pen to take everywhere you go in the cosmos.

Write and draw with the inspiration of astronauts in space. The Astronaut Graphite Pencils are a set of 12 no. 2 graphite pencils with eraser tops in 4 different styles. These celestial pencils will take your school work to new heights.

One small mistake for mankind, one giant Clickit Eraser for space explorers. Out of this world Astronauts adorn the Astronaut Clickit Erasers. Simply click and erase any pencil mishaps with ease.

Expand school projects and artwork with Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers. This set of 12 markers is anything but ordinary. Color with the regular side, then flip the marker to the color change side (white tip) to create a wonderful color transformation.

This has to be the most complete pencil set in the galaxy! The Sketch & Color Colored Pencil Set has 24 colored pencils, three no. 2 graphite pencils and 1 sharpener. School work, homework and art projects are no match for this stellar combination of pencils.

The Mighty Pencil Sharpener fits pencils from small to large, plus holds the shavings for no mess. It’s small enough to take on the go but big enough for your toughest sharpening jobs.

Bonus 1: Smooth Stix Watercolor Gel Crayons set of 6 gel crayons that won’t dry out and they are washable, too! These crayons come in six bold colors in plastic barrels to keep hands clean. Use the included paintbrush with water to add watercolor accents to your artwork or school projects.

Bonus 2: Free Shipping!

Space Explorer Homework Pack:
  • Astronaut 6 Click Pen - 6 different colors in one pen
  • Astronaut Graphite Pencils - 12 no. 2 graphite pencils with space decor
  • Astronaut Clickit Eraser - Just click to erase
  • Switch-eroo Color Changing Markers - 12 color changing markers
  • Sketch & Color Colored Pencil Set - 24 Colored Pencils, 3 Graphite pencils & a sharpener
  • Mighty Sharpener - 3 holes to accommodate different pencil sizes
  • Bonus 1: Smooth Stix watercolor Gel Crayons - 6 Washable gel crayons, included paintbrush
  • Bonus 2: Free Shipping
  • Perfect for Elementary Students
  • all styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made

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