unicorn and mermaid party holiday happy pack


unicorn and mermaid party holiday happy pack

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Unicorns and mermaids together in an unforgettable pack of scratch stickers, sticky notes and a glitter wand pen. The Unicorn and Mermaid Party Happy Pack is truly a party of desk accessories that add color and wonder to any notes or writing. Makes a great holiday gift with included gift tag on the packaging.

Enjoy glittery goodness, helpful sticky tabs and scented stickers with the Unicorn and Mermaid Party Happy Pack. This writing accessory set comes with Mer-Made Scented Scratch stickers, a Glitter Wand Pen that sparkles and shimmers when you turn it and a set of Unicorn Note Pals sticky tabs that stick to just about anything that needs reminding or saving.

  • Happy Pack with unicorns and mermaids
  • Mer-Made to Party Scented Scratch Sticker Set (8 jumbo die cut stickers and 2 sticker sheets)
  • Magical Unicorns Note Pals sticky tabs - one book
  • Rainbow Glitter Wand Pen
  • Holiday gift tag on the packaging

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