modern desk writing super set


modern desk writing super set

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Give the gift of a modern desk that will set their workspace apart from anyone else's. The Modern Desk Writing Super Set comes with the basic writing tools anyone requires plus a few creative ones too. This gift set also comes pre-wrapped making gift giving a snap.

Gold, bronze and other modern colors await anyone lucky enough to receive the Modern Desk Writing Super Set.

This gift set starts with a set of 3 Modern Script fountain pens and slim metallic ombre journal. The fountains pens feature barrels of metallic-like gold, silver and rose gold for a fashionable look. All have black ink but use all OOLY fountain refills. The gold-silver ombre foil cover journal (3.7 x 5.8) has 60 lined pages.

With their chunky barrels these Modern Graphite # 2 pencils will add style to any desktop. Metallic foil barrels in soft gold & silver hues have a triangular shape-so no roll aways!

Get glamorous with Oh My Notebooks; a set of 3 in hues of gold, rose gold and bronze. Beautifully sparkly with 64 lined sheets in each 4 x 5.75 journal. Glitter does not come off!

The Modern Metallics Colored Pencil set is a great way for writing or drawing with lustrous metallic colors. Decorate your planner or journal with the 12 shades for sparks of interest. Cleverly designed triangular barrels keep them on your desk and not the floor!

The included 3 sets of Deco sticker sets are a nice benefit for anyone looking to adorn their planner with creative mini stickers.

Lastly, you’ll find a black Mighty Pencil Sharpener that works with the Modern Graphite Chunky Pencils and Modern Metallics Colored Pencils plus most any pencils with 3 hole sizes to choose from.

  • Modern desk planner accessory gift set - bronze, gold and metallic themed desk set for anyone who enjoys elegant style.
  • Writing and art instruments - complete with writing utensils such as fountain pens, graphite pencils and glittery paper journals. Also included are metallic colored pencils, 3 sticker sheets and a pencil sharpener
  • Pre-wrapped - a white box and blue bow
  • Suitable for ages 12 and up
  • all styles may not be availble as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made

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