measuring tape

Measuring Tape That Takes Cuteness to New Lengths

Measuring couldn’t get any more fun with these four cute measuring tape options from OOLY. Whether you’re measuring lengths in math class, sizing up your project at home, getting diameters just right for a holiday project, or rolling out the dimensions you need for a pretty poster board assignment, these happy little numbers will keep a smile on your face the whole way.

Smitten Kitten comes with a bashful smile and hues of soft purple and grays, while Rare Bear, Hunny Bunny, and Chubb Cub feature their own unique colors and looks. Pick whichever of these four furry friends that best suits your personality. The best part of these cute and funny measuring tape creatures? Just pull their tail to extend up to 60 inches of measurement. When you’re all done, just rewind it up to its original compact size and tuck it away in your pencil bag until next time.