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mini monsters box

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Eek! It’s time for some monstrous artful fun! Mini Monster Pack will supply you with a colorful collection for creating spooky art. Pens, pencils, markers, highlighters and more are inside; plus a Bonus Gift and Free Shipping!

All things dark and scary turn bright and colorful with the Mini Monster Scented Highlighters. Six fun monster faced highlighters are ready to color with brilliant neon shades and fruity scents!

It’s spooky and mysterious! Just how do the Switch-eroo Color Changing Markers change colors? Draw with the colored tips then use the white tip of the marker to change the color. You don’t need to be a witch or wizard to create magically color changing art with these 12 colored chisel tipped markers.

The incredible Monster 6 Click Pen has 6 different colored inks in one pen. Just click to change the color. This super cute monster pen is perfect to take everywhere you go.

No need to fear when a pack of Monsters have your back! A pack of no.2 Monster Graphite Pencils that is. This set of 12 Monster themed graphite pencils have 4 different patterns of happy, helpful monsters who are always ready to attack any paper that gets in your way.

The perfect companion to Monster Pencils is the Mighty Sharpener! It’s ready to sharpen those dull monster pencils to a fine sharp point. Plus it comes with 3 different sized sharpening holes to take on most any sized pencil and it holds the shavings too. It’s grrrrrrreat!

Boo! Monster Erasers will attach all your from pencil mistakes! This set of 3 erasers (1.75 inches tall) have crazy monster faces in red, blue, and green colors that come with interchangeable arms and teeth. Have monstrous fun while erasing mistakes.

Small and compact, these 8 Monster Pocket Pal Mini Journals (3.5" x 5") have 32 lined pages ready  to go  anywhere you go.  fill them with spooky stories, tales of terror, or any other idea that strikes you. Colorful & cute monster faces adorn each front cover and a monster tail on the back cover!


Bonus 1: You don’t need claws to scratch and reveal these whimsical monsters. It’s spooky how the colors and images come to life with each scratch and scribble. Monster Scratch & Scribble Art Kit is packed with guided art that’s easy to use. The kit includes 4 (5.8 x 8.3 inch) guided illustrated cards, 4 blank cards (create your own monsters), a sparkly sticker sheet and a scratching tool.

Bonus 2: Free Shipping!

Mini Monster Box

  • Mini Monster Scented Highlighters - 6 scented neon highlighters
  • Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers - 12 colored markers with color changing tips
  • Monsters 6 Click Pen - 6 different colors in one pen
  • Monster Pencils - Set of 12 No.2 graphite pencils
  • Mighty Sharpener - Handy 3-holed pencil sharpener
  • Monster Erasers - 3 monster shaped erasers
  • Monster Packet Pal Mini Journals - 8 notebooks with 32 lined pages
  • Bonus 1 Monster Scratch & Scribble Scratch Art Activity Kit 
  • Bonus 2 Free Shipping
  • All styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made

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