so much color writing set


so much color writing set

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This writing gift set is the perfect companion for anyone that likes color in their life. The So Much Color Writing Set is everything the creative writing enthusiast, planner or student needs. Included in the gift set is a multi pen with neon gel ink, a set of mechanical pencils, erasable highlighters and a lined sheet and blank sheet notebook for writing notes, ideas etc.

Oh My Ombre! Mechanical Pencils mean there's no need for sharpening. With just a few clicks these mechanical pencils reveal a fine point 0.5mm no. 2 graphite lead. There's also 3 erasers included in this 6 mechanical pencil set.

Mini Magic Liners can highlight in color with 6 bright erasable colors. This dual-ended highlighter features color on one end and an eraser on the other. So you can mark what you need now and have the option to erase later.

The 6 Click Neon Multi Color Gel Pen makes any writing look extra special with smooth writing fine point (0.7 mm) neon colored gel ink. This multi pen has 6 different neon colors that will make words and drawings pop right of the page.

The Flipside Double Sided Notebook will keep any notes, writing and sketches organized in a creative way. The Flipside Notebook is double sided - one side has 64 pages of lined paper. Then give the notebook a flip and you also have 64 pages of blank paper. The FlipSide Notebook is great for planners, students or even doodlers.

Bonus OOLY Eraser
Included in the gift set is a 3.5 by 2 inch OOLY eraser.

  • Writing Gift Set
  • Flipside Notebook - (Color will Vary)
  • Suggested for 6+

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