stickiville quirky dogs stickers


stickiville quirky dogs stickers

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Every day is a dog day in Stickiville

If the thought of dog breath makes you smile (and why shouldn’t it?), then these dog stickers from the Stickiville collection deserve a spot on your notebook or journal! Let’s face it, the love we have for our four-legged furballs is infinite, so why not show it off by decorating your accessories with these wag-worthy stickers!

Dogs are cute… and ridiculous! They’re cuddly… and silly! We love them for their out-sized personalities, their loyalty, and their unconditional love. So what if they sometimes eat our socks? Or chew on our shoes? They still deserve some adoration! So let’s celebrate our pawfectly awesome pups with this sticker sheet from Stickiville. Stick these dog stickers anywhere that could use a touch of adorability like a humdrum notebook or a boring journal cover.

  • Dog inspired sticker sheet
  • Designs feature a variety of funny dogs lounging, fetching, and getting into mischief
  • Includes one sticker sheet of dog-themed stickers
  • Vinyl stickers with transparent backgrounds
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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