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OOLY Happily Supports Teachers & Students
in Partnership with

A Percentage of EVERY PURCHASE
Goes to Teachers and Students in Need

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We Believe Art is Important in Learning.
It Connects, Inspires, Heals and Challenges Us.

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Why Support Classrooms?

How You Can Participate and Create Your Happy Through Giving:

  1. Choose OOLY products and a percentage of every order goes to supporting teachers and students

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  2. Donate directly to the AdoptAClassroom.org OOLY Art Fund and we'll match your contribution*

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All the Happy Details!

OOLY Happily Supports Teachers and Students

We create our happy through giving! We believe art is important in learning. It connects us, inspires us, heals us, and challenges us.

We don’t think teachers should have to use their own money for basic creative supplies for their students, so we’ve partnered with AdoptAClassroom.org to support classrooms in need.

OOLY happily supports teachers and students by providing needed creative supplies to eligible classrooms all over the USA. It’s how we create our happy - through giving back and supporting creativity, imagination, self expression and the joy of color in our nation’s classrooms.

WHY Support Classrooms?

Did you know that K-12 teachers spend an average of $600 a year of their own money on classroom supplies? Many classrooms are chronically underfunded for even basic necessities, let alone for creative supplies that spur imagination and encourage student expression. We think it’s a big deal that every student should have the opportunity to discover more of themselves through the joy of art and creative expression. Teachers are heroes who already do everything they can and shouldn’t have the burden of spending their own money to make a difference.

AdoptAClassroom.org helps offset these out-of-pocket teacher costs by funding the classroom materials that students need to learn and succeed. A single donation may be the only thing between a child and falling in love with learning. It’s that simple!

Donate to the OOLY Art Fund

Help keep creativity alive in the classroom.

OOLY will match dollar-for-dollar all contributions up to $30,000.



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