faux egg decorating bonus box


faux egg decorating bonus box

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Add to the amazing colors of spring with a set of art supplies that truly inspire. The Faux Egg Decorating Bonus Box features an assortment of coloring supplies of markers, paint sticks, chalk crayons and much more. Also included are a free set of temporary tattoos and a set of 3 stickers sheets. See all Bonus Boxes.

Bring in the change of the season with the Faux Egg Decorating Bonus Box. With spring in the air it’s the perfect time to celebrate with artistic creations. Inside this bonus box you’ll find a set of Brilliant Brush Markers; it’s like painting with a marker. Keep your hands clean but paint like a pro with Chunkies Paint Sticks. Glitter and neon creations are within your grapes with a set of poster paints like no other. You’ll also find a set of dustless chalk crayons that write and color as smooth as silk. Also, free with this set is 3 sheets of cute world inspired temporary tattoos and 3 sheets of candy themed stickers

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Keep clean with Chalk-O-Rama Dustless Chalk Crayons. They give you the freedom to write on almost any surface with no mess. You can even write on white or black paper. Without messy hands, you’re free to do anything you please. Just twist up and go. They’re versatile and fun!

Color like a true artist with soft brush tip markers that’s just like painting. Brilliant Brush Markers come in a set of 24 and 12 markers that have long brush tips that truly feel like a paint brush. Take control of your marker art with highly detailed precision or broad strokes of color. Brilliant Brush markers are also great for hand lettering projects as well. These brush markers are made with acid-free ink and come in a reusable carrying case for easy travel and storage.

When you want to paint colorful pictures but want to leave the mess behind then it's time to reach for Chunkies Metallic Paint Sticks. Chunkies are super easy to use, clean and portable because they're like painting with a crayon. Just uncap, twist and start painting. Chunkies metallics are a set of 6 glowy colored paint sticks housed in a thick barreled casing so they're easy for little hands to hold. The paint colors are quick drying and won't smudge. It's magic!

Painting just got a lot more fun. Make colorful creations not with just the colors of the rainbow, but with bright neon colors and sparkling glitter. Your painting projects will never be the same. This Glitter and Neon lil' Poster Paint Pods set comes with 6 glitter and 6 neon paint pods for all sorts of wildly imaginative paintings. There's even a paintbrush included too. And it all comes in a super handy traveling case for painting on-the-go.

Bonus 1: If you want to express your unique style do it with Tattoo-Palooza Cute Doodle World. These glitter temporary tattoo set comes with 3 temporary tattoo sheets; that’s over 50 tattoos in a set!  This tattoo set is full of cute doodle animals, a happy avocado and lots of other fun doodles. Tattoo-Palooza tattoos are easy to apply and last up to 5 days and are easy to remove. Non-toxic.

Bonus 2: Every time is candy time. Candy Time Stickers. Make your world look so much more tasty! Stick them on papers, journals, your cell phone, stick them just about anywhere.

Bonus supplies include Tattoo-Palooza Temporary Tattoos - Cute World and Itsy Bitsy Stickers - Candy Time

  • Brilliant Brush Markers
  • Chunkies Paint Sticks - Metallic
  • Lil Poster Paint Pods - Glitter and Neon
  • Chalk-o-Rama Dustless Chalk Crayons
  • All styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made*

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