itsy bitsy stickers - weather pals


itsy bitsy stickers - weather pals

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The forecast is calling for some fun with these endearing weather and sky-themed stickers. This set is a part of Itsy Bitsy’s line of super cute stickers and comes on one jam–packed sheet. Each puffy sticker features a weather-themed design, like colorful rainbows, a serene crescent moon, or a puffy rain cloud.

These puffy stickers, from our collection of super cute Itsy Bitsy stickers, are a ray of sunshine… and rainbows, and moonlight, and good times! You can add some rainbows to your notebook, a crescent moon to your journal, and a rain shower to your lunchbox, or you can mix it up with other Itsy Bitsy stickers from the collection. However you decide to use this set of sky and weather stickers, you’re sure to be on cloud nine! Suitable for ages 3 and up

super cute and tiny weather stickers

  • Adorable weather and sky themed stickers
  • Features rainbows, shooting stars, the moon, and rain clouds
  • Includes one sticker sheet of puffy stickers
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

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