make notes color book - hearts


make notes color book - hearts

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Notebook with Multiple Colored Pages

When you have pocket-sized notepad with colored pages then you can bring colorful notes and sketches anywhere you go. Make Notes Color Book is a super handy, 115 page mini notebook that can fit in your pocket, purse or bag. At 5.75 inches by 4 inches, it's small enough for easy stowaway but large enough for fun notes. The Make Notes Color Book features mostly white pages, but as you can see on the edges it has some really cool solid colored pages in red, orange, yellow, green and blue; great colors that'll make your notes extra special. Color Book also comes in a fascinating Tribal cover design.

  • Small Colored Page Notebook
  • Hand Drawn Heart Design on Cover
  • 115 Pages
  • Unlined Paper
  • Page Colors: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue
  • 5.75" x 4"
  • Small and Easy to Carry

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