rainbow homework helper pack


rainbow homework helper pack

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Bring happy rainbow colors to your school supply list with the Rainbow Homework Helper Pack. Start school off with colorful pens, pencils and highlighters. Bonus: you will receive 2 free school tools and free shipping!

Let's get a few things down on paper. Start with the Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel pens, with 12 shimmery colors and scrumptious fruity scents. Such smooth gel ink will make taking notes so much more fun!

A great no. 2 pencil is always handy to have around; and with a pack of 6 Stay Sharp Pencils, you are always ready to write.

Colored Pencils are essential for doing color coded notes or creating artwork. A colored pencil that can also be erased is a plus. Unmistakeables Colored Pencils puts a rainbow of 12 colors in your back to school list and they will erase any little slip ups.

Big and bright Jumbo Juicy Highlighters will make marking important passages a pleasure. Easy to hold, these 6 neon fruit scented highlighters are on the essential school supply list.

The Jumbo Rainbow Scented Eraser is large and in charge. Say goodbye to your mistakes and look good doing it, in rainbow colors with a delightful fruity scent.

Bonus 1: The incredible Sweet Things 6 Click Pen. One pen with 6 different colored inks make this pen perfect to take everywhere you go.
Bonus 2: Nothing is easier for a quick bookmark or little reminder than Note Pals Sticky Tabs. They’re perfect for back to school in rainbow colorful pencil themed designs.

Plus all your school goodies come with free shipping. School Shopping starts now!

Rainbow Homework Helper Pack:

  • Jumbo Juicy Highlighters - 6 chunky fruit scented highlighters
  • Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens -12 colors of shimmery fruit scented gel pens
  • Stay Sharp Pencils - 6 colorful barrels, no. 2 graphite always sharp pencils
  • Jumbo Rainbow Scented Eraser - Large in rainbow colors & scented for easy erasing
  • Unmistakeables Colored Pencils - 12 erasable colored pencils
  • Bonus: 1 Sweet Things 6 Click Pen - 6 different colors in one pen
  • Bonus: 2 Note Pals Sticky Tabs - Colorful pencil themed mini sticky notes
  • Bonus: 3 Free Shipping
  • Perfect for elementary students and up
  • all styles may not be available as pictured, a comparable substitution may be made

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