unicorns & rainbows magic homework pack


unicorns & rainbows magic homework pack

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Bring the magic of learning with cute school supplies featuring delightful and ever popular unicorns! A collection of unicorn themed journals, pens, pencils, erasers and rainbow colors are sure to please. Bonus: you will receive 2 free school tools and free shipping!

Taking notes on the go is more magical than ever with the Unique Unicorn Pocket Pals Mini Journals. Happy unicorns surrounded by rainbows adorn the covers of each of the 8 mini journal covers (5 x 3.5) with 32 lined pages just waiting to be filled with school notes and tasks.

Nothing is easier for a quick bookmark or little reminder than Magical Unicorn Note Pals Sticky Tabs. They’re perfect for back to school in rainbow unicorn motifs.

Fanciful unicorns cover these no. 2 graphite pencils. The Unique Unicorn pencil set is right for any schoolwork or homework. A package of 12 pencils with eraser tops are ready to work.

Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers make the just-too-glam school list. This set of rainbow markers comes with 10 classic colors and 5 pastels colors so you’ll have plenty of colors for homework, school projects and sparkly artwork.

The Unique Unicorns Erasable Colored Pencil set consists of 12 brightly colored pencils that are perfect for school projects, drawing, doodling or for coloring in coloring books. Oops... went outside the lines? No worries, they're erasable too!

The incredible Unique Unicorn 6 Click Pen. One pen with 6 different colored inks make this the perfect pen to take everywhere you go. Just click to change colors, it’s like magic!

Yummy Yummy Scented Twist-up Crayons are a set of 10 scented crayons encased in a plastic barrel. The barrel helps prevent breakage and the fruity smells give added fun to your coloring experience. Just give ’em a twist when you need more crayon to color with. Perfect to color up school projects or make posters or banners for school spirit.

The Mighty Pencil Sharpener fits pencils from small to large, plus holds the shavings for no mess. It’s small enough to take on the go but big enough for your toughest sharpening jobs.

Beautiful unicorns adorn the Unique Unicorn Clickit erasers making for a magical erasing experience. Simply click and erase away any pencil mishaps with ease.

Bonus 1: Start with the Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel pens, with 12 shimmery colors and scrumptious fruity scents. Such smooth gel ink will make taking notes so much more fun!

Bonus 2: The Unique Unicorns scented erasers are a set of 5 strawberry scented erasers with 4 adorable mini unicorn erasers and 1 really large rainbow eraser.

Bonus 3: Free Shipping

Unicorns & Rainbows Magic Homework Pack
  • Unique Unicorn Pocket Pal Mini Journals - 8 Stitch-bound, 32 page lined 3.5 x 5 notebooks
  • Magical Unicorn Note Pals Sticky Tabs - Colorful unicorn themed mini sticky notes
  • Unique Unicorn Graphite Pencils - 12 no. 2 graphite pencils with unicorn decor
  • Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers - 10 classic shimmer & 5 pastel shimmer colors
  • Unique Unicorn Erasable Colored Pencils - 12 colored pencils that are erasable
  • Unique Unicorn 6 Click Pen - 6 different colors in one pen
  • Yummy Yummy Scented Twist Up Crayons - 10 scented crayons that twist for more crayon
  • Mighty Sharpener Teal - 3 holes to accommodate different pencil sizes
  • Unique Unicorn Clickit Eraser - Just click to erase
  • Bonus 1: Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens -12 colors of shimmery fruit scented gel pens
  • Bonus 2: Unique Unicorns Scented Erasers - Set of 4 unicorn & 1 rainbow scented erasers
  • Bonus 3: Free Shipping
  • Perfect for elementary students

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