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5 Rainy Day Boredom Busters For The Whole Family

5 Rainy Day Boredom Busters For The Whole Family
Whether it’s a rainy day or a self-care day, there’s an activity that never gets old: OOLY ARTS & CRAFTS! We’re happy to wave goodbye to boredom with the help of fun and colorful art supplies. Here at OOLY, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to be creative and let our imaginations soar. Playing with color and scent can be such a mind-opening experience, while also serving as a distraction when boredom strikes! With that said, we’ve come up with five fun activities you can do the next time you’re alone at home or with friends, making the most out of a rainy day spent inside.

1. Explore Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are the perfect kids activity! Whether your kiddo is one to stay inside the lines or create their own abstract art, coloring sparks excitement and helps pass the time. Grab one of our coloring books, like the best-selling Outrageous Ocean Coloring Book, or Little Farm Friends Coloring Book for those who like a base to color on. Add flair and delight with a pack of our new Switch-eroo Color Changing Markers and get to work! Simply use one side of the marker to shade in a desired area, then flip the marker around and draw over that color to reveal a new hue. These markers work like magic and the kiddos will be entertained by the plethora of color combinations they’ll be able to create on every page.

2. Start Journaling

Journaling is an activity adults and kids can do together when they are looking for an outlet to write, draw, or simply express themselves. One of the best parts about journaling is that it’s so versatile and you can really make it your own–there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. For the kiddos, get them set up with an Oh My Glitter Notebook and a pack of our new Yummy Yummy Scented Markers to start their journaling experience. These rainbow colored markers are not only vibrant and bright, but also pack delicious scents of blueberry, watermelon, raspberry, mint, apple, lemon and orange. Plus, the markers are double-ended with a chisel and side point tip for easy writing, drawing, doodling, and more. A great way to start journaling is to focus on self-care, personal growth, or fun. You’ll really enjoy using our Silver Linings Outline Markers to make words and designs more visually appealing and make them pop. If you haven’t tried bullet journaling, then now is your time, and these markers bring your writing to life.

3. Make A Board Game

Make game nights extra special with a game board all of your own making. Start with some colored construction paper to create a vibrant base for your game board. Decorate your board using our beloved Sticker Stash line; with playful and cute design themes like Girl Boss, Quirky Fun and Wanderlust, you’ll have non-stop fun. Add some flare to your board, or create your own deck of playcards using our Confetti Stamp Double-Ended Markers! These markers are multi-faceted; not only can you draw with them, but also stamp different designs like stars, hearts and dots.

4. Practice Calligraphy

Now’s a great time to embrace your love of writing and lettering. The OOLY Calligraphy Duo Chisel and Brush was created for moments just like this! While you might not use calligraphy in your daily life, the next time you need to write fancy name placards or handwritten letters, you’ll have the skill and markers at your disposal.

5. Write A List

It is always good to take time to yourself to reflect, and creating lists can help you be your most organized self. Jot down your goals, moods, to-dos, and more using your Pocket Pal Journals, so you can have it on you at any time whenever you need motivation or a gentle reminder. Rain or shine, art is a great creative outlet. When the mood strikes, don't forget to check out OOLY’s new releases for some inspiration! Main image photo credit: Danitzia Singh (Instagram: @themomtessorilife)

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