gel pens

Smooth writing gel pens are made for all your writing and doodling needs.

Color Luxe fine tip gel pens in a rainbow pattern
Color Luxe Gel Pens


Monster Gel Ink Pens from OOLY. Set of 4
Monster Gel Pens


Have we mentioned that gel pens are spectacular? Well, they are. Reminisce about all of those fun notes you used to pass off to your BFF in the halls, written in, you guessed it, your favorite gel pen color. Gel pens are also a refreshing choice for writing reminders because their flow is different from other pens and pencils.

Unleash your creativity with OOLY Pens by recreating your gel pen collection. Create eye-popping writing, decorate your planner or journal, and use these colored pens to add an extra spark to your drawings. OOLY gel pens are the perfect instrument for your imagination and artistic writing needs.

They give you super fine-tipped detail while still creating a vibrant and colorful palette on which to fix your eyes. Pencils have their time and place, but colored or scented gel pens bring your writing to life. There is a fantastic gel pen available for everyone!