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OOLY Heart Ring Crayons in packagingOOLY Heart Ring Crayons out of packaging
Brilliant Bee Crayons set of 24 bright colored crayonsBrilliant Bee Crayons arranged in 2 horizontal lines
Brilliant Bee Crayons Sale priceFrom $9.50
OOLY Cat Parade Gel Crayons - Set of 12 in packagingCat Parade Gel Crayons
Cat Parade Gel Crayons Sale price$18.99
Image of the Yummy Yummy Scented Twist-Up Crayons - Set of 10 in packageYummy Yummy Scented Twist-Up Crayons side by side
Set of 12 Rainbow Sparkle watercolor gel crayons in a travel caseRainbow Sparkle Gel Crayons in a line with caps on
Smooth Stix Watercolor Gel Crayons - Set of 24 in package (front)Smooth Stix Watercolor Gel Crayons - Set of 24
OOLY Smooth Stix Watercolor Gel Crayons - Set of 6 in package (front).Set of 6 Smooth Stix Watercolor Gel Crayons displayed side by side with caps off.
Stacking Bear Crayons set of 12
Heart to Heart Stacking CrayonsHeart to Heart stacking colored heart shaped crayons
Twisty Stix Oil PastelsSet of Oil Pastel Twisty Stix
Twisty Stix Oil Pastels Sale price$9.99
Rainy Dayz Gel CrayonsColorful Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons lined up out of packaging
Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons Sale price$21.99
Package of Color Appeel peelable wax crayons. Set of 12Color Appeel Crayons
Color Appeel Crayons Sale price$11.99
OOLY Stars Of The Sea Starfish Crayons - Set of 8
OOLY Charm to Charm Stacking Crayons Art swatches of the Charm to Charm Stacking Crayons
OOLY Rainbow Scoops Vanilla Scented Stacking Erasable CrayonsOOLY Rainbow Scoops Vanilla Scented Stacking Erasable Crayons
Image of Stack of Stars Stacking Crayons stacked all togetherImage showing Stack of Stars Stacking Crayons broken apart for use
Left Right CrayonsLeft Right ergonomic crayons in a circular pattern
Left Right Crayons Sale price$10.99
Erasable heart shaped crayons Set of  12 colorsErasable heart shaped crayons Set of  12 colors
Happy Triangles jumbo crayons in packagingHappy Triangles jumbo crayons with color swatches
Cuddly Cubs bear finger crayons in packagingCuddly Cubs bear finger crayons with color swatches on paper
Pawsome Pups dog crayons in packagingPawsome Pups dog crayons with color swatches

Crayons: always OOLY, a new twist on an old classic.

A staple of crayons offer vibrance and color to artists of all ages, and they are remarkably easy to use. OOLY crayons come in a rainbow of hues to bring any kind of composition to life.

Whether you're looking for a pre-selected combination of complementary colors or a delightfully random assortment, OOLY has you covered with quality crayons designed to deliver just what your imagination is searching for. 

OOLY offers crayons in a variety of styles including oil pastel, gel, stackable, erasable, and even fun and fruity scents to enhance and customize your coloring adventures.  Designed with ergometrics in mind, OOLY crayons help keep your hands clean and comfortable while your brain is busy making something beautiful. Bring excitement to your creative endeavors with a selection of vivid, quality OOLY crayons.