Crayons: always OOLY, a new twist on an old classic.

Package of Color Appeel peelable wax crayons. Set of 12
Color Appeel Crayons


Set of Left Right ergonomic crayons for right and left handed people
Left Right Crayons


Crayons are an age-old tool that everyone has used for school art projects or coloring books at home. OOLY has a new take on an old standby. We replaced the cheap crayons with unique, fun, quality tools you can use for just about anything.

Un-Mistake-Ables are erasable so you can create that winning design anytime. Oil Pastel Twisty Stix keep hands clean with a plastic casing so you or your little one can enjoy creating without the mess. Scented gel crayons keep your pictures bold and fruity. OOLY also has Left Right crayons with an ergonomic design for all, and Heart to Heart Stacking Crayons for fun-filled coloring.


For every child and every adult, OOLY crayons are the perfect way to unwrap the fun of traditional coloring in a new and exciting way.