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Capturing Creativity With OOLY Colored Pencils

Capturing Creativity With OOLY Colored Pencils

Colored pencils let your art be clean and straightforward or as vibrant and messy as you want it to be. Get inspired for your next colorful project with just 8 pencils of simple color or you can get a little wild with pencils that change colors, have watercolor based lead or add a metallic tint.

OOLY offers a variety of color pencil options to choose the best type of pencils for your next doodle, sketch or color drenched masterpiece.

Mechanical colored pencils takes the mess out of keeping your art sharp. While watercolor pencils let you express your softer side with easy blending. Jumbo Brights neon colored pencils, Modern Metallic colored pencils and Kaleidoscope multi-colored pencils all let you express your wilder side. And the Sketch and Color colored pencil set helps you go from concept to creation all in one step.