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6 Teacher Appreciation Ideas To Add Happy for Teachers

6 Teacher Appreciation Ideas To Add Happy for Teachers

Teachers are our brightest stars

It is the educators in our lives who often have the greatest impact on the people we become. Yet we don’t always get the chance to show our appreciation with gifts that are thoughtful and heartfelt. We’ve gathered some teacher appreciation ideas on how we can all express gratitude. With a bit of creativity, we add happy, inject color in the everyday and show how much we care. Collectively we can support those stars who shine bright.
  1. Frame it

    They say pictures can say a thousand words. Pick out a personalized frame, perhaps depicting the town where your school is located. Or maybe their hometown or even a word that best describes them. Then add a fun class photo. You can even get crafty and buy a white frame then decorate with gel crayons or glitter markers.
  2. Thoughtful Notes

    If your kids are old enough to express how they feel in words then help them write a meaningful letter. Or add dedication in a special book to their teacher. Perhaps they can include a few memories from the school year and/or special moments that their teacher may have forgotten. It’s a personalized memento that will serve as a constant reminder that they are appreciated.
  3. Personalize it

    Perhaps gift them with needed supplies specific to their classroom like a disco ball for teachers who throw dance parties on Fridays. Try having the class decorate a jar and fill it with their own ideas on how to create fun and creativity in the classroom.
  4. Go Local

    Depending on where you live, find some local makers of specialty foods and put together a gift basket using locally produced goods like chocolate, jams, cookies, candles, etc. It always feels so good to shop local and support small businesses.
  5. Class Project

    For an easy arts and crafts project involving the entire class, either enlist a class parent or partner with an art teacher. Start with each student making a list of their favorite things about the teacher. Then using fun scented markers, have them write it on a colorful poster board and decorate with glitter glue and have it laminated so they can proudly display it in the classroom.
  6. Art Basket

    Purchase a large lined gift basket and fill it with oodles of colorful art supplies as well as containers, tissue paper and colorful confetti in bright hues. This colorful creation will not only elicit a smile but also provide them with all the essentials for creating an art corner in the classroom.

Bring on the happy!

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