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Celebrate Family Time with an OOLY Art Night

Celebrate Family Time with an OOLY Art Night
One of the best ways to bring the family together is to get crafty at an art night! Create memories through crafting, painting, coloring or drawing with your favorite OOLY supplies. Whether you’re an artist just learning how to draw and paint, or an experienced creator ready to create your next masterpiece, we’re here to help you create a frame-worthy work of art. Here are some of our favorite crafts that the whole family can create together.

DIY Family Album

OOLY’s sticker collections are a fun way to add some character to a family album. Tell your family story with OOLY’s collection of stickers. From scented to puffy, with themes ranging from unicorns, to cats and dogs, tell your family story or commemorate family memories with our stickers. Ideas:

Multi Media Art Projects

With an array of mediums in OOLY’s product line, why not layer them all together to really showcase your family’s creative persona? Our everyday supplies stand out on their own alone but for an afternoon of fun, pull out all your OOLY products, spread them out on your art table and let your imaginations take the lead. Idea:

Make Responsibilities Fun!

Get kids involved with household responsibilities in a creative way. Engaging them not only teaches them that helping is fun, but it encourages independence and will give them a sense of accomplishment! Ideas:
  • Get kids involved with weekly meal planning. While summer is around the corner, meal planning never stops! Check out how to make meal planning fun in this OOLY blog.
  • Have kids assist in their own task list or chart. Using our sketchbooks, kids can list out the daily or weekly tasks they can help with and then you can work together to determine what is best for your family. Then, use our Itsy Bitsy Stickers to note every one of their accomplishments.

Get Outside With the Whole Family!

Choose your next adventure outside from a simple local hike to a road trip to a national park, nature can inspire creativity and you can document it in your family scrapbook! Idea:
  • Create a new family tradition of collecting rocks. Not only does every kid love to gather different rocks of different shapes and substances but the art ideas are endless. You can make a rock garden using the Marvelous Multi-purpose paint markers.

One-Stop-Shop Family Bonding Art Projects

Maybe you are looking for more of an all-inclusive art project that includes all the supplies, directions and simple clean-up. Ideas:
  • All in one box! The Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem Art satisfies bonding time for the whole family. Razzle Dazzle comes in a variety of animals so that every family member can choose their own gem persona.
  • OOLY’s take on paint by numbers, the newest Colorific Canvas comes in dragon, unicorn and sloth with easy-to-match numbers and colors and 3 different tipped paintbrushes. Great for family time as well as a gift!
We would love to see photos of your family's craft projects! Tag us on Instagram at @WeAreOOLY using #OOLYcreateyourhappy.

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