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Craft Colorful Chameleons With Free Printable

Craft Colorful Chameleons With Free Printable

Crafting a Colorful Rainbow Chameleon

Welcome warm weather by crafting this bright colorful chameleon craft! Using a few recycled materials and some of our favorite paints to create a critter with a funky personality. Read below to learn how to make your own. You can begin by downloading the Chameleon Printable template with 2 cute chameleons to choose from!

Materials Needed:

Colorful chameleon craft with paints, cardboard and other crafting materials

How To:

Step 1:

Print your chameleon template. Choose the size chameleon you want to make and cut out that shape. Trace the shape onto your cardboard.

Step 2:

Using white acrylic paint, paint the chameleon shape white. Taking this step to paint the cardboard white first will make your colors much brighter! Outline of chameleon craft with white paint on cardboard

Step 3:

Once the paint has dried, use scissors to cut out the chameleon shape. blank canvas of cardboard cutout of chameleon printable craft

Step 4:

Use your glitter and neon Poster Paint Pods to paint your chameleon! You can choose to paint with any colors and in any pattern you like. We chose to paint ours with stripes! We alternated one glitter and one neon color in a rainbow pattern. Be creative and paint with the colors and patterns YOU love! We painted two coats of each color - allow the paint to dry completely before adding the second coat of paint. Uncolored chameleon printable craft with OOLY poster paints, Dot-A-Lot paints, brushes and pen Rainbow colored chameleon with base layer of printable coloring cfraft

Step 5:

Once your paint is dry, use your Perfectly Permanent markers to outline the chameleon and add details. Use the template as a guide for where to draw on the legs and mouth. Finished, colored chameleon with dot paint for printable coloring craft

Step 6:

Next use the Dot-a-Lot paints to add some spotted details around the edges of your chameleon. We used four different colors of the craft paint and made dots in groups around the edges of the body. You can make as many dots as you like!

Step 7:

Bend your pipe cleaners back and forth to make a zig zag. We bent ours every ½ inch. Use your hot glue gun to glue the zig zag pipe cleaners along the edge of the chameleon’s back. Closeup of completed colored chameleon from printable crafting project

Step 8:

Glue a plastic bottle cap or other round object into the place where the eye should be. We used half of a plastic Easter egg. Glue your googly eye on top of the bottle cap. If you want, glue some pipe cleaners around the eye. Face of finished, colored chameleon printable craft with 3D paint Want a simpler way to color in your own chameleon? You can print the templates on thick cardstock paper and use your paints, crayons, markers, colored pens or colored pencils to color directly onto the printed template! 3 finished chameleon printable crafts colored with poster paint and dot paint
Emily Limer creates fun colorful crafts with her two-year-old son daily! You can follow their journey on Instagram @makingwithmommy.

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