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Crafting With A Purpose, Spreading Love & Kindness with Rock Painting

Crafting With A Purpose, Spreading Love & Kindness with Rock Painting

Crafting With A Purpose - Rock Painting

March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb. That’s how the old saying goes, right?

Well, in our neck of the woods, March is that month where winter starts to drag on and we can all use a little pick-me-up. So I gathered my children and we talked a little bit about how good it feels when someone unexpectedly brightens your day. It could be a post it note with a kind message, an unexpected treat in your lunchbox, or lots of other things.

We decided to brighten things up around our neighborhood by leaving some beach stones crafted with words and designs. The beach stones symbolize the promise summer, and we hope our rock painting messages and art work brightened someone’s day!

Here’s the how to:

Before the children arrived home from school, I set out our Dot A Lot dot painting sets and some beach stones that we collected last summer. We choose the Dot-A-lot paint because of the beautiful pearlescent and the bright neon colors available; the paint has a 3D texture so it adds dimension as well as color.

We brainstormed some words that might cheer people up. I helped my five-year-old by writing the words for her. My nine year old got right to work, no help needed!

Girl putting pink dot paint for rock painting craft

They wrote and designed on rocks until they were all filled up with beautiful messages.

Girls painting rocks with dot paint from OOLY

Once the rocks were dry (about 3 hours), the girls took them outside and placed them on doorsteps and tucked them under trees and along pathways.

Girl leaving rocks painted with positive messages under tree

This activity was a simple, but effective lesson in using our passion for creating to spread a message of love in our community.

Lizzie Assa, MsEd The Workspace for Children

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