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Creative Art Using Magic Puffy Pens

Creative Art Using Magic Puffy Pens

I’ve always been a fan of art on unique canvases. I adore painting rocks, doodling on coffee cups, and drawing on leaves. Why just play on paper when you can explore a variety of surfaces? I especially love when I discover art supplies, like Magic Puffy Pens, that let me explore new surfaces.

How to use Magic Puffy Pens:

  • Give your pen a little shake and squeeze it to get the ink flowing.
  • For a more defined picture, use thinner outlines and less ink.
  • Let the ink dry for approximately 5-10 so it won’t run when you heat it. (Please note: the ink might still be tacky)
  • Once your drawing is complete, use a high-heat hair dryer close to your design. Place the heat over the ink for about 20 seconds at first until you start to see it puff up. (Please note: the surface you are heating can get very hot. Wear oven mitts or something protective if you decide to pick up your artwork as you are heating it.)
  • Watch as your art changes from ink to puff in under a minute.

Fun ways to explore with Magic Puffy Pens:

1. Play with Cardboard

Cardboard is a wonderful surface for puffy pens...and it’s free! Play with different cardboard shapes and designs. You can even layer your cardboard to create more dimension.

2. Doodle on Rocks

Using puffy pens on rocks is very fun! Keep your design simple, and when it comes to heating your rock, be sure to use something protective for your hands, such as an oven mitt, as your rock will heat quickly.

3. Decorate Wood

Search the wood section of your local craft store for wood cut-outs to decorate. I had lots of fun turning a simple wooden horse into a colorful piece of art. Puffy Pens would also work great to decorate wooden frames for a special gift.

4. Design Craft Letters

Craft letters are a great way to decorate a wall in a child’s room or playroom. Make your craft letter even better by adding a three-dimensional effect with magic puffy pens.

5. Add Dimension to Coloring Pages

Turn your coloring page into a mixed-media masterpiece by adding dimensional elements with your Puffy Pens.

While I’ve given you a lot of unique surfaces to use puffy pens on, it’s certainly just as fun to use your pens on regular paper. It’s magic no matter how you use them.

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-Posted by Sam Sarles (@colormadehappy)

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