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De-Stress With Less Mess!

De-Stress With Less Mess!
Finding a creative outlet is important for everyone! Let us help you and your entire household de-stress in a colorful way. Whether it’s pen to paper, paint to paper or creating with gems, OOLY has you covered. To make this process easier, we have gathered some ideas that will spark you or your little’s inner artist!

1. Paint Like Picasso

A common form of self-expression in art is painting. Here at OOLY, we take joy in providing options for all ages. For our younger artists, we have Lil Poster Paint Pods, 12 vibrantly pigmented paints stored in a sturdy, reusable case. They’re water-soluble and will wash right out of clothes, leaving you much less mess! Our Chroma Blends Collection is ideal for our more experienced artists. From Watercolor Brush Markers to the Pearlescent Palette, this line has something that’s sure to unlock your inner artist. Finally, for our creatives who like a little more guidance, we have Paint By Number canvases that come with everything you’ll need to make a masterpiece.

2. Next Level Doodling

Did you know OOLY markers have tips of all different sizes for different design needs? Step up your doodling game by creating your own mandala with our Seriously Fine Felt Tip Markers. Feeling up for a little challenge? Use our Ink Works to create your favorite movie or tv characters. Your little ones will love our multi-purpose markers that create magic on paper. Our Switch-Eroo Color Changing Markers go on with one color, and change with just one stroke from the other side of this double-ended barrel.

3. Journaling

Organize your way to a clearer mind by crafting your own journal pages. Whether you’re tracking daily habits, recording your thoughts or planning your activities for the week ahead, find your supplies here! Create a fun layout with our Brilliant Brush Markers, highlight the most important things with Pastel Mints Highlighters, then go in with Seriously Fine Felt Tip Markers to write whatever is on your mind. Finally, embellish with our sticker collection. This is a great habit-building craft that will leave you feeling accomplished and ready to tackle the weeks ahead.

4. Gem Art

Bring images of cute, furry friends to life with our Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem Art Kit. This comes with everything you need to create a new type of art. Separate the gems in the tray, and use the stylus to carefully place them on the paper that is already sticky and ready for gem placement. Once your work is complete, you can find the perfect place to display this!

5. Coloring Pages for All

Coloring pages aren’t just for your kiddos. We have a collection of Coloring Books that were crafted to inspire learning and foster creativity. Just like everything else here at OOLY, we put our twist on a classic coloring book and introduced our Panoramic Coloring Book. This is a 6-foot-long page that folds out however long, or short, you desire. Find your new favorite art supplies HERE!

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