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DIY Paper Gingerbread House for the Holidays

blue and pink paper houses with green trees on white background
Crafting is an easy, fun way to get into the holiday spirit for the whole family. These easy paper gingerbread houses are a great alternative to a traditional gingerbread house. This craft can also be adjusted for any age group. blue and pink paper houses with green trees on white background If you have kiddos, turn your gingerbread bags and boxes into a magical winter wonderland for pretend play. Because of the easy set-up, this activity would be a great one for an elf (if you have one) to leave one morning for the kids to enjoy.

rainbow paint, paint sticks, markers and paper houses cutout of white paper

Supplies Needed

rainbow art supplies with blue and pink paper house on white background

Directions to Make Your House

First, print out the Gingerbread House Cutout to decorate for the holiday season. Then, have an adult cut along the black outline. Next, using your Lil Poster Paint Pods, paint your house a solid color. Let this dry. Once the paint has dried, use Chunkies Paint Sticks, Dot-a-Lot Neon Paint, Pixie Paste Glitter Glue and Magic Puffy Pens to create patterns on your house. Get creative. It doesn’t even have to look just like a traditional gingerbread house. Add holiday phrases and words. Create, fun colorful patterns. There’s no wrong way to decorate your paper house. green paper holiday trees Now cut out the Holiday Tree Cutouts and decorate these however you wish. You can make these paper treed a traditional green, or you can use any of the Lil Poster Paint Pods to make them whimsical and rainbow. Add double-sided tape to the seams of your gingerbread house to turn it into a 3D shape. Optional last step - tape your house and tree to white cardboard base to display together.
Crafts by @mskoslowsartroom

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