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DIY Pencil Eraser Ornaments

DIY Pencil Eraser Ornaments
I didn’t even know you could make your own erasers until I came across OOLY Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit. With 12 different clay colors to choose from, there are a ton of possibilities when it comes to turning your own creative ideas into real mini erasers. I thought it would also be fun to make ornaments from my DIY erasers since it’s almost Christmas. Keep reading to find out how to make your own eraser ornaments.

Directions to Make DIY Pencil Eraser Ornaments

1. Make sure you have a clean working area. I used a craft mat. 2. Make sure the Creatibles Eraser clay you select is soft by kneading it with your fingers before you shape it. 3. Create your ornament shapes. Try not to make your shapes too thin. 4. You’ll need a toothpick for each ornament you’ve created. Soak them in a small bowl of water for 20-30 minutes. This will keep the toothpicks from burning in the oven. 5. Push one soaked toothpick through each ornament. You don’t need to push it in far. Just enough to make a hole. 6. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or tinfoil, and place the ornaments with the toothpicks in them on the baking sheet. 7. Set your oven to 230° F and bake the eraser clay ornaments for 30 minutes, then let them cool for 1 hour after. (We recommend an adult take care of this step) 8. Once your eraser ornaments have cooled, use fishing line or very thin string, and thread it through the tiny toothpick hole in each ornament. Now that you know how to make your own DIY eraser ornaments, you can keep them for yourself or wrap them up and put them in a cute gingerbread gift bag and gift them to a friend. Here’s another idea: get your kiddos or friend their own kit so they can enjoy the eraser-making fun too. Package a Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit with some colored pencils and a colorful pencil pouch, and now you’ll have a wonderful gift that anyone would love.

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