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DIY Trinket Dish with Glitter Makes a Perfect Gift

DIY Trinket Dish with Glitter Makes a Perfect Gift

DIY trinket dish is a great gift idea!

Completed DIY trinket dish with glitter and jewelry I love receiving kid-made Mother's Day gifts and my daughter has figured out the best go-to present: trinket dishes. I have them all over the house and use them for EVERYTHING. Loose change, craft supplies, jewelry. They work well for so many things. So when I spotted OOLY's glitter glues, I immediately thought of how cute they would be on a Mother's Day Trinket Dish or even a Teacher Appreciation gift!

Here's how your kiddo can make some of their own!

You'll Need:

- air dry craft clay - a few different sized bowls - rolling pin - butter knife - Mini Dots Pixie Paste Glitter Glue - Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue

1. Roll out clay

Take a fist-sized piece of clay and roll it out to about 1/4" thickness.

2. Trace and mold shape

Lay a bowl upside down onto clay and trace with butter knife, cutting out a circle shape. Pick up circle of clay and lay onto bottom of bowl. Loosely press clay onto the bowl. Avoid pressing clay too hard or else it will adhere to the bowl and be difficult to remove (trust me, we did this with the two bowls on the top of the above image). You can wet your finger and smooth any really rough edges, but again, avoid pressing down too hard and adhering the clay to your mold. Let it dry for a few hours. Carefully twist clay off the bottom of the bowl mold. It should still be a little pliable and you can change the shape a bit. Set right side up and let dry overnight.

3. Add sparkle!

Use the Pixie Paste to add sparkle to your dish. Then flip it over and use the Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Glue to leave a message for mom on the bottom! Let the dish dry for another day or so. If you like, you can use a craft sealant to add another layer of durability, but the glue is pretty sturdy and will stay on as is. Rebecca Green Author of Banish Boredom Content Creator and Herder of Cats at Not-So-SAHM

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