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DIY Valentines with Homemade Potato Stamps

DIY Valentines with Homemade Potato Stamps

Crafting Valentines with Potato Stamps

Finished valentine potato stamp shaped like a red heart I remember making potato stamp Valentine cards with my mom. We would create all day! I loved mixing paints on the bottom of the potato stamp and another color on the top. We would use cookie cutters and make all kinds of letters and hearts and add texture. I loved crafting with her and I think it is where much of my love for creating with my own kids comes from!

What you need:

  • Potatoes- try and find all different sizes!
  • Cookie cutters and a knife to cut around the shape
  • Craft paper
  • Paint brush
  • Art supplies of all kinds! Paints, watercolors, markers, glitter glue etc…
Kids holding heart and X potato stamps for Valentine's DIY stamping So we decided to make potato stamps for Valentines Day cards and letters. It is a great craft for all ages! The young ones picked out their cookie cutter and pushed it into the potato as far as it would go. I would help trim around the cutter with a knife and they were set to create! It’s as easy as that! Kid making potato stamp with a knife Kids holding up DIY Valentine's potato stamps with OOLY products at their side My older kids did it all themselves, even tried their hand at carving and they turned out great! Kid painting potato stamp with OOLY poster paints to make tic-tac-toe We used all kinds of art supplies and it was so fun! The kids used paints, watercolors and markers for stamping. Then to our stamped paper we added dot-a lots for texture, and all kinds of glitter glue!! The kids were in heaven! Kid painting glitter glue on heart shaped potato stamp

A few tips:

* Leave your cookie cutter in the potato while cutting around it- SO much easier!! * After you are done cutting, stamp your potato without any paint on a piece of paper to help dry it out. We did this a few times until it felt pretty dry and it helped the paint go on and stamp much better. * When stamping with paint we found less is best otherwise it squishes out the side { unless that’s what your going for!} and we found painting it on with a paintbrush worked very best! * Have FUN!!! We had so much fun and each one was so unique!

Stamping hearts on paper with DIY potato stamp for Valentine's Day

We love how our Valentines came out!

DIY Valentine's Day crafts made with potato stamps Kalani Watson is a mom, homeschooler and adventurer who loves to create! She has 5 kids and they love to concoct projects together and have fun! You can find their creations and adventures on Instagram @summit_rumpus

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