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Easy DIY Votive Candle Holders With Craft Paint

Easy DIY Votive Candle Holders With Craft Paint

Craft paint is an easy way to decorate recycled jars for these DIY votive candle holders!

OOLY Dot-a-Lot craft paints and jars for jar decorating craft OOLY's Dot-A-Lot craft paints are such a fun way to add pattern and texture to just about any DIY project! Whenever we are in need of a new activity in our house, I hit up the recycling bin for inspiration. I took one look at a group of glass jars destined for recycling and I knew they'd be super cute all dotted up with a fun jar decorating craft. Add a standard or battery-powered candle to these DIY votive candle holders and you've got an instant decor win.

DIY Votive Candle Holders

You'll need: clean glass jars Dot-A-Lot Craft paint (Pearlescent and/or Neon) votive candle (real or battery powered) Decorated jar with Dot-a-Lot paints from OOLY Simply use the dot paints to add whatever pattern you like to the outside of the glass jar. Use dots, dashes or let your imagination go wild. What's cool is the craft paint is 3 dimensional so it's not just flat on your jar. Work in sections; allowing your jar to dry by laying on its side. Dot one section, let it dry, and move on to the next. 3 decorated jars with OOLY Dot-a-Lot 3D paints When the jar is completely dry, add a votive candle and let it glow! Lighted votive candles in decorated recycled jars with 3D dot paint Rebecca Green Author of Banish Boredom Content Creator and Herder of Cats at Not-So-SAHM

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