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Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

Easy St Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids The luck of the Irish is upon us and every year my kids get super excited to welcome the little leprechauns into our home for some mischief making. We like to make simple crafts and these are both surprisingly colorful and very easy and low mess, for all the moms out there! St. Patrick’s Day crafts make the house look festive and this year we had lots of bright, merry making art supplies to play with. We made three different cheerful projects including stamps, gold foil and flower pots. Stampables are fun markers that are stamps too. You can color or stamp with them. An easy and affordable way to get both stamps and markers in one are the hot new Stampables Scented Markers kit which is incredible with 24 different self-inking stamp designs and marker colors (Available this April). It’s a really fast and simple way of adding fun patterns to any project. Stampables are scented too. They have scents such as cotton candy, vanilla and cola and they come in this adorable plastic reusable case which makes it great for travel. The stamps come in lots of cool designs and holiday themes including a lovely grape scented shamrock, a strawberry scented bunny and a cherry heart, so there are plenty of options for any kind of festive occasion. They worked great for one of our St. Patrick’s Day art projects which has a colorful rainbow. Metallic Appeel looks great on white and black paper art projects. We also like using the Metallic Appeel peelable crayons which write smooth as silk and come in 6 different metallic colors. Perfect for drawing those shiny gold coins in the pots of gold. Metallic is always a hit with my girls and these crayons even write on black paper which is super fun for really making eye popping shamrocks! Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons make fun watercolor effects with a wet paintbrush. The Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons are great because there is the option to have kids use them as regular crayons, or if you add a touch of water on a paintbrush they magically become a watercolor effect! And we also had our traditional Lil’ Watercolor Paint Pods which is a neat set of 36 washable paints in beautiful soft pastels that are just waiting for your creativity to take hold and unleash some fabulous rainbows and St. Patrick themed painted pictures. Recycle your gelt from Hanukkah for a fun St. Patrick's Day craft. For our next project, we came up with a great way to recycle old Hanukkah gelt you may have left over from the holidays! We used the gold foil wrappings from the chocolate coins to create a 3D image of a pot of gold at the end of our colorful rainbow! Just use some simple glue you have at home to stick the foil onto the colored paper and you can buy shamrock stickers at your local craft store. The possibilities are endless but no doubt, your kids will create a cheerful, sunny picture that will be sure to brighten anyone’s day and hopefully bring a little bit of “Luck o’ the Irish!” You can use gelt or any chocolate coins for a fun St. Patrick's Day decoration For a really fun, unique St. Patrick’s painting project I wanted to have something we could have around the house. I went to my local craft store and got a few clay planter pots. I used lil’ Poster Paint Pods to paint a rainbow colored pot that I filled with chocolate gold coins for my special take on treasure found at the end of the rainbow! After drying, you can fill it up with any kind of gold wrapped chocolate that you can find in stores, and then I got these cute little shamrock decorations to stick in the chocolate to finish off the festive look! This pot of gold is a simple St. Patrick's Day art art project for you child Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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