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DIY Fancy Paper Crowns with Free Template

DIY Fancy Paper Crowns with Free Template
One of our favorite go-to crafts is to decorate paper crowns and you can make your own with this DIY paper crown template. The kids never tire of it and we love handing them out to friends instead of birthday cards, sharing them with loved ones, or donning one just to brighten up our own day. Hard not to smile when presented with a fancy crown just for you! We go through craft supplies like nothing else, so we recently stocked up on a few of OOLY's fantastic products and decided to put the sparkly ones to work on a new set of crowns. The kids decided to make them for the parents and then each other. I love how much thought they put into what message to add, the colors to use, and how much sparkle each person would appreciate. Kane clearly thought we needed to party—just check out his messages "Oh Ya, BooYa, I Dig It!" and "Let's Party Mom is in the House!" And Cami thought a little play on words would be funny to use with the gem stickers (or as she called them, "Rihanna's stickers") and wrote "Kane Rocks!" in gems!

Looking to make someone feel special? Make them a crown!! You'll need:

- paper crowns (we had extra pre-cut crowns on hand, but you can also make your own from these templates); - a strong glue if you are attaching accessories; and - sparkly supplies! We used OOLY's Like A Diamond in The Sky Stickers, Glitzy Glitter Markers, and some of our own rhinestone stash. There are no limits to what sparkly goodness you can dream up, but I suggest helping kids think through the order of decorating so that they get any base colors or writing down before adding stickers or other sparkly accessories. Most of all, just have fun!

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