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Kid Crafts - Easy Teacher Appreciation Notes

Kid Crafts - Easy Teacher Appreciation Notes

Easy to do Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teachers work so hard, day in and day out. While appreciating them all year long is the best idea; there is a special time in the spring dedicated to teachers. Nationally Teacher Appreciation Week is in May but lots of schools celebrate little earlier. These Teacher Appreciation DIY Notes are a great way to get your kiddos involved in the giving of an appreciation gift. Even if they don't write yet this card is easy & fun to make. Whether you fill the note with a nice message or a gift card; it is sure to be loved. Finished, handmade teacher appreciation gift notes with cute characters

You will need the following supplies:

4 OOLY coloring books for kids with Notes on a Roll sticky notes and Color Appeel crayons

Start with a Coloring Book

Have your child choose an image or character from a favorite coloring book for the teacher appreciation gift. Either have them color it while still in the coloring book or cut out the image and then color it in with crayons. Note in these four examples that they are simple images and they don't have to be cut out exactly on the outlines.. Cute character clippings from OOLY coloring books and Color Appeel crayons

Next the fun part Coloring!

Color the images in with crayons, markers or colored pencils. Just make it bright and colorful. Colored OOLY coloring book characters with Color Appeel crayons

Add deco tape for interest

Use piece of deco tape from the Notes on a Roll to create a background on a note card. For the background the I selected the wider tape. For some vibrant accents I used the thinner ribbon style. Notes On A Roll have different size & color deco tapes that work on the roll dispenser making it easy to get as much as you need. Since your tape selection is peelable-no worries if it isn't perfectly placed the first time! OOLY Notes on a Roll sticky notes on white paper

Ready for glue!

Next add the colored in cut-out images with paper glue to the front of your card. Placement is up to you, they don't have centered, place creatively! Colored character clippings from OOLY coloring books with Notes on a Roll sticky notes

Decorate with googley eyes or accents.

Add google eyes, glitter glue, pom poms or any other accent you like. Then add a message to your note card. If your kiddo doesn't right yet, ask them what they would like to say to their teacher. You can either write it for them or type and print out. Cut out the message and it can be glued onto the card as well. Why stop with the card decorate the envelope too if desired. Colored rocket ship with note for teacher appreciation gifts Laura Kelly is a doodle artist with a creative spirit. She spends her time making art and creating fun with her family and her Girl Scout troop. You can follow her blog at Me and My INKlings and find her on social media platforms @laurakellydesigns !

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